A Bit More

So you want more, huh? This was my original About Me page:

I am a wandering soul, in many ways.

But I have always had one thing that remained the same: I have always been a writer. Tolkienesque even. World building.

I began writing when I was young and, technically, I never stopped. But I have also never pursued writing as fervantely as I do now, with hopes of finally making it a full time professional career.


I was lost. No, this isn’t one of those sad, self-loathing tales of depression and grief. That’s a story for another time and place.

What I’m talking about is losing my knowing that told me what I absolutely already knew to be true: I wanted to be a writer.

How did this happen? How did I forget?

Well, a mixture of trying to fit in from high school into college… then the weight of adult responsibilities held my attention on other things, as it were. And writing, so I was frequently told, was “a hard way to make a living.”

Why? Why would so many people tell me that? Why, when so many people actually do make a living with their writing? Sometimes a really good living. Ahem. King? Rowling? Ahem.

In any case I bought the advice, apparently, for nearly two decades. And I didn’t write all those things I shoulda, woulda, coulda written.

Wow, all this time I could have been writing…

But it’s ok. I don’t regret it. All this time I was living life experiences. And I think that was helpful in order to gain perspective for writing. And it’s what happened, anyways. Said and done. Can’t change it anyways. Moving forward.

Anyways I was always writing, even when I said I wasn’t really doing my writing. I was always writing something. A song, an idea, part of a story, some more world crafting. Even my former business web site and blog got me writing. I was always writing something.

Now I am just determined to make writing all I ever do, ever again. Period.

And I have lots to write. Endless writings.

Stay tuned.