Alpha and Omega, the Story of Creation

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Alpha and Omega

You know me. I like to take on the big topics. But I like to do it my way.

Maybe you are familiar with the idea of Alpha and Omega, maybe not. I am not an expert on it myself. I’ve heard of the Greek language… no wait…

I became aware of the Alpha and Omega idea years ago, but never read the biblical verses in the Book of Revelation that discuss it. That’s not my focus here.

But the biggest takeaway I got was this: the Alpha and Omega represent God or Christ.

They are at the same time the energy that begins (Alpha) and ends (Omega) the universe and everything in it.

In other words, they complete the cycle from creation to completion. They are all that is.

Like I said, big topic.


…is the start.

…is the spark.

…is the idea.

…is the push.

…is the power.

…is the activation.


…is the end.

…is the destination.

…is the goal.

…is the realization.

…is the prize.

…is the completion.

And what is completed…

…comes back around to a new beginning…

Full Circle

Many use the words Yin and Yang for duality. I will at times myself. They are useful terms. And some prefer other dualities. There are many ways to understand this concept.

Me, I like grey zones.

And so when I see an idea like Alpha and Omega, or even Yin and Yang, I think of the grey zone between the two concepts.

The image of Yin and Yang itself depicts this as the black and white colors swirl into each other. This shows the shifting from yin to yang and back again, and all the gradations in between.

To me Alpha and Omega can share this concept, if not the convenient symbol.

Though Alpha may represent the absolute beginning and Omega the absolute end, in the middle lies everything else. The grey zone. The whole story.

The Story of Creation

No, it’s not the Book of Genesis. This isn’t the “” blog.

What I am getting at it is this: anything that is created has an Alpha and Omega, a beginning and a completion. So any creation, any story, has these elements as well.

I had a powerful personal experience of this recently in writing one of my own stories for my blog.

For me it was the creative process itself, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was God in action. The Christ in form.

First the Alpha idea, the spark, the beginning. Then the middle, the lessons and the story. Finally the Omega ending, resolution and triumph.

My entire life I have written many Alphas. Great ideas all, I am sure. But I didn’t follow through with the middles and certainly not the endings.

No Omegas. No finished products.

I feel like I have never actually completed any of the stories I began.

Until now.

My Own Triumph!

Trumpets blare!

Yes, I am tooting my own horn. Who else will? And what better way to celebrate my success and build momentum on my dreams?

My Thursday Epic Adventure, called The Mountain in the Clouds, has taught me a valuable lesson.

The section I just completed last night has drilled home the idea that I can actually follow through a storyline to its natural end, with perfect execution… if I do say so myself.

That is to say, I didn’t just have a good start. I kept writing (and burst through an early barrier, too, where I might have stopped in the past… I recognized my win there also.)

The middle did get me anxious, I must admit. I was worried I might flop the ending of it and have no moral, no profound lesson. It could totally have fizzled out. But I was hoping for profound, for a big bang finale of some sort, some powerful insight.

I am proud to say that it was a success and I am more than happy with the way it all came together in the end. I have had an Omega moment. A triumph of my intention to bring a piece of creative writing to completion.

Thank you, God, for the words and guidance.

So I celebrate this win. And I see the future before me. And I am knowing the steps I will take as I continue to write. This story and millions more.


And there are still six trials to go, so continue catching my Thursday Epic Adventures for more of The Mountain in the Clouds.


Thank you kindly for reading.


Please share if you care and leave comments below to help celebrate my Omega moment with me. Trumpets blaring.

Blessings to you all.