The Mountain in the Clouds, Part 13

Word Art Epic Adventures glowing orange text over cloudy mountain background illustration, subtext Thursday Theme: What follows is a fictional account


Read From the Beginning or the start of Trial Two

The Mountain in the Clouds, Part Thirteen

I was there.

At the giant party from hell.

I was in the clutches of Gumpelthwomp, the head taxman, who had carried me from Titanton not long ago and marched me to my doom.

Or so it seemed at first.

My captor held me up before all the giants in that rocky, barren valley. He said, “Gumpelthwomp get Magi god!”

The whole crowd of giants exploded in applause. The sound not only deafened me, it rattled my bones. And my captor’s grip tightened as he laughed.

Then one of the terrifying women giants asked, “What Magi god? And so small…”

“Uh, Giggazzibar,” answered the head taxman, who loosened his hold on me as he stumbled forward. “Magi god say he make all the world. He create everything. With his friends.”

“With the eight other Magi,” I picked up, putting on an air of importance. “We Magi are the original creators of this world you know. We even created the rest of the gods.”

To my great joy the crowd of oversized, peanut-brained brutes ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ in response. There were many heads nodding and eyes lighting up.

“So Gumpelthwomp ask friends what do with Magi god?” said my captor proudly.

“Eat him!” shouted one in return.

“Fight, fight, fight!” bellowed another.

“Nonsense,” roared the one called Giggazzibar. “Why eat god who create us? And you are fool who fight him. No, we should ask for wish. We give Magi god sacrifice and get wish.”

“Excuse me,” I interrupted, surprising Giggazzibar. “I, uh, we Magi do not accept sacrifices. A gift is fine. My freedom is enough.”

“Gift then,” continued the giantess, barely paying me any mind and returning to the others of her kind. “We give gift and Magi god give wish. What we wish for?”

“Well,” I offered, “wishing isn’t exactly as you may think it is. So, you know, I just say that so you don’t get your hopes too high thinking that you will see your wish right away. The world wasn’t made in a day, after all. It’s takes time for wishes to manifest. You’ll need some patience and faith that it will come, when it is ready to.”

“Magi god talk lot,” Gumpelthwomp commented.

Giggazzibar joined him, “Yea, seed take long time make plant. Nothing new. Wishing faster doesn’t grow faster.”

I was pleased she was going along with it.

“Ok, what we wish, Gigga?” Gumpelthwomp asked her.

“What we need?” Giggazzibar returned, looking to the other giants for input.

“Food!” shouted out one.

“Food!” Gigga repeated. “Always need food. Good.”

“Bad,” my captor intervened. “Always have food. Make better wish.”

There were grumbles and nods of agreement among the group of giants.

“Fight!” another giant intoned.

“Fight,” returned Gigga again. “Fight always good.”

“Bad,” Gumpelthwomp grunted, more annoyed. “Look around. Always fight for giant. Magi god can do more. Anything we want. Even impossible thing. Better wish!”

“Good point, Gumpel,” the intimidating female giant responded. “Better wish. Ah. Make giants invincible.”

The others nodded and chattered in agreement.

“Yes, make giants invisible. Good. Yes, good,” Gumpel said, eyes narrowing.

“Invisible. Yes, that’s what Gigga say. Invisible. Make giants invisible.”

I laughed inside, but didn’t make it apparent to my captors. Sure thing, I thought to myself, invisible giants… no one will ever hear them coming.

“Well,” I began. “It’s not easy to make giants invisible. But I am a Magi, so it can be done. Lucky you have the Magi of the Air element.”

“Oh!” Gumpel answered as if he knew what I meant. “Yea.” Then, “Why that?”

“Right. Well, the air…” I fumbled. Why did I say that? “Well, the air is where you are seen. So to make you not seen, air is the element that is needed. To make you invisible I need to make you not in the air.”

“Oh, right, right, right,” Gumpel muttered and the whole tribe of giants responded with nods.

Gigga erupted, “Make us invisible, Air Magi god! Make us invisible now! Or I’ll eat you.”

“Aha!” I called attention to all the giants… I’d counted at least thirty by then. “To make you invisible will take a bit of conjuring on my part. Just sit back and allow me to do my work. It may not make sense or look like anything you’ve ever seen, but that doesn’t make it any the less powerful. Sometimes the strongest forces are the unknown.”

Nothing happened, so I nudged Gumplethwomp’s knuckles with my elbow and coughed. “I need to be put down so that I can cast the invisibility spell.”

My captor dumbly nodded and placed me onto the rough terrain of valley floor.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. They were being fooled so easily. Now, to figure out where I was taking this impromptu escape plan.

I rolled up the sleeves of my travel robes and rubbed my palms together, then waved my hands around as if casting a spell in the air before me. I twirled and swayed, adding movement to my hips to give more credibility to my magic. The giants seemed to take to it right away, offering me looks of intense fixation and awe.

So I built my momentum.

First I jumped to the right and waved my hands above me, drawing energy from the heavens and pouring it over myself. Next I turned quickly, a half circle to my left and carried my fingers towards the ground, uplifting the power of the earth and sweeping it towards the sky.

I heard gasps of excitement from my captive audience. Within I felt a huge grin creeping over me. I held it back just a little, evincing only a small crinkling of amusement from the edges of my lips.

“Ahzoo!” I resounded.

“Balabaloo!” I decried.

“Ohtah! Nana! Jembalana!”

These were magic words I had heard once. Or at least I thought they were, as best my memory could recall. They had seemed so foreign but powerful the first time, but now when I said them again they sounded ridiculous.

The behemoths standing all around me in the valley did not think as I did. They were nothing but impressed by the show I was putting on. One set of giant hands began a slow clap.

“Quiet!” I bellowed. “It’s not done yet.”

I brought my left hand in front of my face and rounded my thumb and forefinger together in a small circle. Placing this little ring to my lips I blew as if it were a whistle. Here and there, in different directions in the air I blew that magical, invisible flute.

Then I opened my arms wide and heaved in a huge breath of air, puffing up my lungs grandiosely, and billowed forth a powerful blast of Air Magi magic in a huge arcing circle around me, back and forth, over and over until my blood felt thin and my head light.

Ok, I thought, they’d better buy it.

“There,” I announced as I caught my breath. “You are now invisible. Behold!”

All of the giants looked puzzled, staring around at each other, then at their own bodies.

“Behold what, Magi god?” Gigga complained. “I still see everyone.”

“Me too,” said another, then another of the enormous monster people.

“Uh, that’s because,” I delayed, “well of course, it takes time for the full effects to take hold. Give it at least half an hour and you will all be invisible. The first invisible giant clan in all the world of Paelstor.”

Gumpel and Gigga rolled their lips and nodded in acceptance of my explanation, and the others followed suit. Some shook hands or patted each other on the shoulder triumphantly.

“So, now that you are invisible, what will you do?” I queried my captors. “Surely I am free to go and return to the Magi home with my brethren…”

“Breath her in? What that?” Gigga furrowed her brow.

“Never mind,” I returned.

“We smash Titanton!” Gumpel suggested emphatically, throwing his weapon overhead, a massive spiked mace.

“Why settle for Titanton?” I tried to shift his attention away from the town I believed had just been saved from that very fate. “Why not head for the capital? You could rule the world from there. You know, invisible as you will be, they wouldn’t even see you coming.”

“Very smart Magi god,” Gumpel admired. “We be invisible giant warriors. We go to capital. Tell king smash smashy buh-bye. We be king of land. We have gold and glory and cattle. We be mightiest giants of Paelstor.”

To hear it said was confusing and amazing to me. What a wonderful experience it has been, I thought, meeting these giants of my childhood fairy tales in person. Still, I would be much happier to be done with it altogether now.

No sooner had I imagined it then I began to get my wish.

“Giants, we know you are in there!” said a voice I recognized.

“How you know?” Gumpel asked.

“We see you standing there,” the familiar woman’s voice continued.

“Oh yea,” the head taxman acknowledged. “We be invisible soon. Magi god made it so. You better run, commander, we finish job now. We smash Titanton.”

I was able to make out Riley’s voice answering from the hills. “Corporal, not commander. And I am not actually the corporal that you think I am. I am a Magi also. I am here with the others and we know that the one before you has made you invisible. We are his brethren after all, and we have simply come to take him home. We are not here to meddle in your affairs, and suggest you take up his suggestion to head for the capital.”

“Wait, wait, wait,” Gumpelthwomp contested. “It was one thing that this man I not know tell me he Magi god. I trust Magi god man. Now you want me believe that you are, too? The annoying pest I deal with every week when Gumpelthwomp come for taxes?”

He erupted in laughter and so did his fellows, filling the valley with thunder.

“If you really Magi, prove it!” the taxman dared.

“Ok,” said corporal Riley.

What happened next surprised even me.

From the edges of the valley, first from one side, then from many others, rocks began to roll. The tumbling took on a catapulting effect as other stones and rocks were knocked loose, joining the fall down the cliff sides encircling the valley.

Within moments there arose a cacophony all around us. The earthen stampede crescendoed into a low rumble that moved the ground below. In the wake of the demonstration dusty clouds of smoke swelled up, making everyone cough.

“Do you yield?” shouted the accented voice of the scimitar man, even as the last tumultuous sounds of the rock falls came to a clattering finale.

“Fancy rock slides,” Gumpel grunted. “So what?”

“We thought you’d say that,” said Riley with a hint of amusement in her tone.

Without a moment to wonder there appeared flaming projectiles from all sides of the valley. They shot right towards the middle of the crowd of giants.

Several stories in the air above their heads the burning darts exploded into a chorus of flashing orbs of light and color. The air filled with bursting noises.

The event didn’t seem to pose a threat of any kind, but it certainly caught a lot of attention. All of the giants were gaping with wonder at the sight of it.

As the twinkling spectacle faded a cloud of smoke settled in over our heads.

A smell of sulphur singed the hairs on my nose. The smell bothered the giants tremendously, who all held their huge nostrils shut with their fingers and thumbs.

“Ok, Bagi god. We see your bagic,” Gumpel said through his muted nose. “Bake the spoke go away, it burds by dose.”

“The smoke will go away on its own, momentarily,” I heard Gill’s voice call out.

“Sbell bad, Bagi,” Giggazibar joined in. “Dot dice sbell, dot dice.”

I almost burst out laughing to see such powerful foes leveled to this. But I held it in. I didn’t want to bring any doubts to my disguise.

“Now, I am free to go?” I asked my captor.

“Yes, Magi god,” Gumpel replied, letting go of his nose. “We thank you for invisible spell. Now we be king giants of Paelstor. Hahahaha!”

“King giants!” Gigga called, and “King giants” was the response from the others. They continued this call and response as they marched out of the valley.

When the echoing of their enormous footfalls faded into the distance, I was aware of someone talking not far from where I stood, dumbfounded by the events that had just occurred.

“You ok there?” asked Gill. “You kind of got into more than you’d asked for, huh?”

“Yea,” I said, turning around to see her walking towards me along side corporal Riley. The two were followed by Jax, Hayn, and Bion as well as the scimitar man.

“I’m ok.” I continued. “I survived. I mean, I’m a Magi after all!”

My grin was met at first by blank stares from my companions. Then they all burst out laughing.

“How in Paelstor did you convince them you were a Magi?” Corporal Riley wondered of me.

I shrugged. “I just told them I was.”

Her look of amazement said all, and my inner guidance agreed. It was almost unbelievable that my ruse worked.

“But I have a couple questions for you guys,” I pondered. “How’d you get here so fast? And what were those flashing lights?”

“The lights were firecrafts,” the scimitar man explained. “In my country they are a used for amusement, for a shows, for a holidays. Just a light and flash, that’s all. No harm, right?” He smiled and cocked his head proudly.

“And your travels?” I still wondered.

“We have the fastest drake horses in the region,” Jax answered. “We were on your trail as soon as that giant grabbed you from the guard tower. Uh, after we got out of the rubble of it.”

“Yea, and good work leaving that bit of shirt in the woods,” Hayn added. “Really helped us track you.”

Bion grunted in agreement.

“Well, shall we head back to Titanton?” Riley intoned.

“Couldn’t be more thrilled to,” I replied.

And we began to make our way back, riding atop the backs of the six mighty drake horses.

I believe that should conclude my trial of strength. I think… I guess I will find out at Titanton.

Stay tuned next Thursday to the next chapter, Trial 3, of The Mountain in the Clouds, an Epic Adventure.


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The Mountain in the Clouds, Part 12

Word Art Epic Adventures glowing orange text over cloudy mountain background illustration, subtext Thursday Theme: What follows is a fictional account


Read From the Beginning or the start of Trial Two

The Mountain in the Clouds, Part Twelve

Gumpelthwomp carried me for at least half an hour, moving slowly but covering so much ground as he went. We crossed a river, went through a forest and arrived at a mountainous valley of rock.

The whole time he carried me, I couldn’t help but experience the life being squeezed out of me by the giant’s grip. It felt like my ribs would crack and my lungs were more empty than full. I attempted to shimmy my way to more room but that usually evoked a little extra pressure from the giant’s hand.

“P, P, P…” I stuttered somehow through the pain.

“What?” Gumpelthwomp asked, annoyed but confused.

“Ple, please…” I continued to stammer.

“Please what?” he said with an angry furrow in his brow.

“Please let… let me breathe,” I finished.

“Hah,” roared the giant whose hand nonetheless lightened its hold. My breath returned and the fear of death faded. My body had all the room it needed for all its parts again.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked.

“What’s your business?” was his answer.

“What are you going to do with me?” I tried.

“Gumpelthwomp crush you,” said the giant. “But first, Gumpelthwomp let other giants play ‘crush you.’”

I was sorry that I asked. I felt better before I knew for a fact that I was going to be crushed by multiple giants today.

Is this supposed to teach me strength? I thought to myself. Am I supposed to find hidden strength within me to pry open my captor’s claw and make my escape? Or better yet, grab the the giant and flip him on his head while at it… That would be some sort of strength, wouldn’t it? Super human… God-like…

Damn, my bones still hurt from those enormous fingers that had wrapped around me so tightly….

Without disturbing Gumpelthwomp, I tried to shift this way and that to get my muscles moving and to help realign my joints… Ow… Ow… Ouch… ah…

It helps to know some things about the body. Not everybody does, you know… Know about their own body that they live and breathe in every day.

I learned it in my time, in my line of work. And it has helped me time and again to face challenges in my life. To be able to know enough about my own physical makeup to help repair it along my journey in this world.

There are so many things that can be found readily to alleviate any… well, anyway, stories for another time, perhaps….

So there I was, regaining my posture. But still, I was locked in fear.

Fear for my very life!

What do I do now, what do I do now, I pondered over and over in my mind.

I thought one last thought, and that is: why don’t I ask that inner knowing about how I feel about my options. If I feel bad about it, throw it aside, and fast. If I like it, keep working with it, mold it like clay, keep forming it into something until…

Then the gods began to answer me in these ways:

First option, do nothing, which it truly feels like is the case, and that leads to certain death. Not a good option, not feeling good about it, actually quite rotten, it’s gone, now!

Or yell for help like you always know you will do when you are in danger. Nah, not much breath for that and it would likely upset Gumpelthwomp, can’t handle another squeeze, so no, that one’s out.

Maybe leave something, tear some shirt fabric off and throw it on a branch so that anyone following after could could track…

Ah, that’s if anyone is coming…

Well of course they are, aren’t they? Alright not feeling like the best option now either but table it. Might be handy as a last resort. Hell, throw it anyway, here goes.

Rip, shet, pfft.

Gone, good, caught that royal dogwood tree, right where it can be seen at eye level. Dark brown shirt strip on a…damn, brown tree in the woods… Alright, last resort, right?… moving on…

Well, if there’s anything to do at all, what is it? I mean, I have a limited amount of resources, no weapon, hell I can’t even more my arms.

Mouth! Yes, that’s it. Speak to the giant. But what to say?

“Ahem, Gumpelthwomp,” I looked in all directions in the air around me as if I were going to see the message I was suppose to speak next. It wasn’t there. Anywhere.

“Puny human, why do you trick giants?” his captor grunted.

“Um, well, there’s where you’re wrong,” I mulled over my response. “You’re wrong about me being human. Because I’m not.” I paused. I really had no idea where I was going with this.

“Huh?” begged the giant, truly confused.

“That’s right, I said it. I’m not a human. And I’m not afraid to say it again. Because, because,” I stalled. Then I had it. “Because I am a Magi.”

“What?” Gumpelthwomp stopped dead in his tracks and looked down at me with raised eyebrows. “You, Magi? You so small.”

“Yes, well, size is not what counts about the Magi, after all. We are the immortal beings who created the world, you know. We can be any size we wish to be.”

The giant’s eyes narrowed as her tried to follow everything I had just said, but he nodded in rapt agreement. Then he looked befuddled again and queried, “You god?”

“More than a god, a Magi,” I answered. “One of the nine celestial beings that formed the entire world of Paelstor as you know it.”

“Ok, Magi god, welcome Gumpelthwomp home,” said the giant.

As we entered the mountain pass and into the valley of stone monuments and craggy hills of rubble… there before me I saw a whole tribe of giants. And it was terrifying to behold.

There was nearly thirty all said, and they took up maybe an acre of land, just standing in a clutter at the back of the valley where the mountains closed in like a trap.

Most of them were men, but there were two or three females among them and to be honest they looked the most fierce. All of them had huge pelts of leather strapped in disarray across their bodies as armor. And each had a massive weapon, all lethal. I mean, really lethal. Like kill a family of deer in one blow lethal. And not leave them edible…

Gods, be with me, I said almost aloud. Please don’t let me die today. I know I can figure out how to get through this. I feel confident that the messages will be clear when the timing is right for them. And that the answers I will get will hasten me through this trial. And I know that I will come out on the other side, a changed man, forever blessed by the offering of guidance from your wisdom. See me safely through. Be with me now.

“Hey!” thundered Gumpelthwomp across the valley, bringing every giant to a stand still.

My captor held me up and said, “Prisoner Magi god!”

And the whole encampment erupted in uproarious applause and cheer.



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The Fool Recaps It All As He Finds New Footing In the World

Word Art Soul Connection black text over sun in blue sky photo, Subtitle Sunday Theme: Spirituality and transformationSC#09:

The Fool In Me

I am ever a fool. And that is a good thing.

For the fool always admits that he doesn’t know it all, that there is more to learn, that all experiences can be new.

So The Fool, which is the opening card of the Tarot’s Major Arcana, begins things. Whatever it is. We always have to begin new things from the beginning, and thus we always play the fool at some point or other.

To cultivate this energy of ever-allowing newness means you will always be learning, never assuming.

So the fool in me got started with this blog 70 posts ago.

A fortuitous number: 7 for the strong spirituality aspect of this blog, and 0 for The Fool card, just discussed. For this is a turning point where I take a short departure from this site into new ventures for my life.

I wanted to touch base on where this blog has been. As much for me as for anyone reading. It will be a good touching off point for when I return.

First, Let’s Recap

I had my 30 Day Blog Challenge to initiate my writings.

This was hugely transformative for me. The first 30 days got the energy moving and my hands typing.

In that first 30 days I worked on releasing toxicity in my life; building a mentality for finding abundance with my desire to write; and I began many threads of ideas and themes to work with as I continued blogging.

Since then I have written posts about fear, the nature of control and the idea of hell.

On the other hand I wrote about the Light, releasing negativity and manifesting the Kingdom of Heaven.

I had a purging period.

And a truly wild Wild Card post yesterday.

There was a short series of poems about a gnome.

And a miniseries, The Birds of the Basin, that is nearing completion.

My personal favorite has been my Epic Adventure, The Mountain in the Clouds. This I will continue to write. It keeps calling me to my future.

For It Is Time To Face the World

I claimed at the end of the 30 day challenge that I was doing a new challenge to meditate daily. Truth be told, it didn’t go as planned. And I lost track. Oh well, I’m being easy about it. I did what I needed to, meditated where I could and now I am going to do what I feel guided to do next.

Who knows… It may be that despite how I think my second meditation challenge went,  this moment in time,  this revelation gifted to me tonight is the result of my efforts.

And that revelation is to follow through on the intentions I set in this blog. To write and to be creative and to forge the rest of my life around that, as I had always planned to since my youth.

So it is go time. Time to make a product that will actually face the masses and become a work apart from me, beyond its creator and received by the world at large.

For that is what I am lacking. Release. A release of my work, of any kind. So that is the next step I am guided to take.

Finding New Footing

I will be taking a hiatus from the blog for a while. Except as I am guided to, of course. And my epic adventure must see it’s conclusion.

I am not sure how long it will take, it matters not, but it is time to turn my laser sharp focus on a new goal: completing one project and releasing it. And then the next. And the next. And the next. That is what I want, after all.  To write and keep writing.

So I will find new footing now.

And I release all ties to this blog. The blogging can come as it needs to. I am at peace with it.

(Anyways, you have plenty to read while you wait. 70 posts to be sure.

So catch up. Stay tuned. And be easy.)


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Wild Card Day, Having Fun, Funny Honey

Word Art Wild Card Day handwritten font on illustration of cards, Subtext Friday Theme: Any theme

Having Fun

In a world in which anything is possible, what would you have happen?

I won’t tell you the answer to this because I don’t have it. Because the answer is yours…

What would you have happen if you could focus your attention upon something in your mind until you see it happen in reality?

What would you do with that power?

Do you even believe you have that power?

You do. You do have the power. You know you do because you use it all the time. You say you want the item at the store and you focus upon it until it is yours. You say you want the relationship or the job or the house and you get it.

As long as you focus upon the having of it rather than not having.

To continue to say you don’t have something will keep it from you. You must believe it is yours for it to be so. You must walk to the store, place the money on the counter and agree to buy the item before you take it home.

The same is true for the relationship, or the house, or the job, or whatever it is you let into your life. You go to the store, as it were, and choose the item you want out of the choices offered to you, and you make your best decision. The best lover, the best career, the best estate, the best car. At least, from those offered to you that you believe you can have.

Funny Honey

And so what if you do not believe you can have something?

Why do you make this claim?

What about you is not worthy or deserving of what you want? Why look at the clothing, the restaurant, the house that you cannot afford now, the dream career you haven’t started, the perfect mate you haven’t found, and believe it to be always out of your reach?

To believe it is always out of your reach will forever keep it there, out of your reach.

Funny how it sounds so easy to say, but it doesn’t amount to that in the day to day. Believe me, I am not master of this law of attraction stuff. Big shout out to Abraham Hicks for all the lessons in that. But I am still a student in a big way.

When you hear the idea enough and it starts to make more and more sense, then you see it in action and the more you do, the more it becomes not only easier to believe but impossible not to.

When you have an experience of a new thing, a newness, at first it excites and then it actualizes into your new version of reality. It forms your worldview anew. Sometimes no amount of words, written or spoken, will ever have the impact that new experience can have.

So it became impossible for me to deny that there wasn’t something huge about this law of attraction stuff. I just started seeing it all around me.

And I started to see the correlation of how I had been thinking about a certain subject and how it actually unfolded days, weeks, even months later. My expectations around things forged the type of results I would get.

It’s like intending to go to a four year college and knowing that precisely four years are used for school; then completing the degree and going out to begin the process again with the career search. You may expect the job fast and get it or believe it hard to find work and get that result. If that is your focus.

We do these types of things all the time. We set intentions, we plan timelines, we see results at the other end. And when our life unfolds that way, we are not surprised.

So why are we surprised when we are told that we can focus our thoughts on creating whatever future we want for ourselves? Why are some things held away from us by our own not believing we can have them?

We have separated ourselves from what we truly want in life by believing a myth that says we are unworthy of having all that we want.

Why be given the keys to the kingdom of heaven only to be locked out at the door by your own focus on not being worthy to pass through the gate?

Funny, honey, how this post was inspired before your calls by a couple simple words you said: “Funny, honey.”

That’s enough for now. More to come.


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The Mountain in the Clouds, Part 11

Word Art Epic Adventures glowing orange text over cloudy mountain background illustration, subtext Thursday Theme: What follows is a fictional account


Read From the Beginning or the start of Trial Two

The Mountain in the Clouds, Part Eleven

The plan began to unfold. Everyone in town got busy with it. It was a wonderful thing to see. The hard work of hundreds of dedicated participants with one goal in mind.

Jax and Hayn were hoisting some posts together, while Bion directed the two in placing them just so.

Gill had a team of helpers moving supplies to their necessary placements.

Corporal Riley was coaching the town guard on their part in the execution of the master plan.

Even the Scimitar Man helped, training a few interested youths in a bit of swordplay.

Gods, that it doesn’t come down to swordplay, I thought. We are extremely outmatched by the giant taxmen.

Still I was thrilled to see everyone putting so much good effort in. The city was alive with hope, rather than the desperation that had been feeling so heavy before.

I truly hoped this was going to be work. If it backfired, we were all in for some truly giant trouble.

Everyone had listened to my idea intently. They’d almost immediately latched onto it, which had surprised me a bit. Especially considering my opening line had been:

“So we are going to put on a little fairy tale puppet show for the taxmen.” Eesh, what was I thinking. Many eyebrows were raised at that.

I had continued to clarify what I was intending:

“When I was a kid, I remember all the stories about giants and how ridiculous their courtship rituals seemed. The women giants always seemed to play hard to get. And the men giants would inevitably come in too fast with lips puckered. The women would pound them on the head with some frying pan or the like, and the men would nearly fall over, but would always continue the pursuit of the woman despite. It rarely ended well for the men, but was usually in the women’s favor. It always struck me as kind of funny when I was a kid, but I guess my older self thought, ‘well of course courtship and mating must be hard for giants or there would be a lot more of them in the world.’ I was naive. But now I think it makes sense and its gives me an idea.”

Still the others had looked at me blankly.

“Well, what if we confuse the giants when they come back? What if we make them think they’ve been beaten here by some women giants.”

“Say what?” Gill had had to interject.

“Yea, we create faces of giant women and place them on top of some of the buildings. We place the traps there and when the men get close we’ve got them right where we want them. You said it yourselves that you have traps ready, but were not sure where to put them. This way, we are in control of where the taxmen go, right into our snares.”

“You’re crazier than I thought,” Gill had muttered.

“No,” Corporal Riley had mused, “this actually sounds promising. Needs refinement, maybe. And it will require some determination from a lot of people in town. We need to make these giant faces quickly. And how will we get them to look like more than just heads on buildings? We need the appearance of clothes… lots of fabric we can hang down from the face. I don’t know, this is quite a project. Gill, can you help coordinate some artisans on giantess garments? Jax, Hayn, why don’t you get your friends in the lumber guild to construct some large frames for the heads. Bion, collaborate with your painter friends on designing faces. I can get my team placing the traps in good spots and we will build our giantesses there.”

“This is ridiculous,” Gill had protested. “Do we really think that giant men are going to fall for wooden faces with long fabric hanging from them?”

“Maybe not as ridiculous as it a sound,” the Scimitar Man had offered then. “Our a friend here is a not the only one to have a childhood stories about a giants. In a my country, they say a giants have a terrible eyesight. They cannot see a baby rattle from a deadly rattler.” He had said with a shrug.

So we decided to go forward with the project, with some improvements as we went. We were all hoping that giants indeed had these odd characteristic that had been passed on through childhood fairy tales. One, that men giants would invariably pursue women giants even while incurring their own injury. And two, that giants were half blind.

Gods help us, I prayed. A lot is resting on a couple maybes.

But I chose to believe that it was all going to work out just as it needed to.

And everyone was working so intently on it all.

The frames of the heads had come out well, and the faces were done very convincingly by the painters of town. They looked quite fearsome and, we hoped, attractive… We didn’t know exactly what male giants looked for, so we based it off what we knew from looking at the taxmen. Some of the women had curled lips, others moles or punchy cheeks. But ours all a touch of feminine charm for good measure.

The carpenters and lumberers lifted the frames into place on the building tops and propped them up. Then seamstresses, tailors and other craftworkers began dressing the heads with ropes for hair and large baubles of all kinds fashioned into giant jewelry. Jax, Hayn, and Bion looked on approvingly.

Long rolls of fabric were thrown from rooftops to the ground and townspeople from windows up and down the buildings tied belts, shirt cuffs and collars. Dresses billowed out below that, but were long so there was no need for legs. Then wooden hands were placed at the sides and mock boots at street level.

The fake giant women were all equipped with a voice, played by one of the actors from the town theater groups. These brave folk were given a personal guard and placed in hiding behind the giantess heads. Everything was almost set.

Gill was giving a stern congratulations to her teams who were rallying back to her after completing their tasks.

The Scimitar Man and his class of amateur swordsmen ended with handshakes and smiles before splitting up.

Corporal Riley commanded some last orders to her teams to finish their placement of the traps.

Then all of the townspeople were ordered to return home and stay inside. Every last citizen was to remain in hiding after the giants arrival so they wouldn’t spoil the trap.

It was going to be quite a show.

“Two days of preparing this insane plan, and I’m anxious to see how it will really turn out,” Riley admitted to me quietly.

“I know, it does feel pretty crazy. But I thought you were behind my plan?” I asked the corporal.

“I was. I am. But seeing it work will be another thing…” she trailed off, then went back to shouting at her crew who was slipping while carrying one of the trap parts.

“I know,” I said to myself. “Tell me about it.”

I tried to remain strong. I believed that the plan would work. I made myself really believe in it. Put my trust fully into the gods’ hands to carry us through this. The gods had never let me down before, had they? Well, that’s debatable… Forget that, that was a different time. The gods have led me well so far since then. I have faith in their messages to me. I am trusting and believing.

Then the pounding of the enormous footfalls made me almost completely lose that focus. The giants were approaching. They were coming for their taxes. They were coming to complete their threat.

The powerful reverberations of booted giant feet resounded across the valley, just like last time. Even though they had long gaits, it felt an eternity waiting for their approach. As calm as I had been a moment ago, the longer the anticipation was, the longer I felt my blood pressure rise to a crescendo of terror. And the noise got louder and clearer as it neared.

“What is this?” growled a giant man’s voice.

“What do you mean, what is this!?” shrieked an actor in her best giantess voice. “We seized the city by force, what does it look like? You lazy clods are too late. When we women want something we just take it. Now what do you want?”

The tone changed quickly in the giant man’s response, “Ahem, excuse me, ladies, I didn’t mean to judge you too quickly. My name is Gumpelthwomp. I am the head taxman here, and we are here to collect our dues. I wasn’t expecting any competition. Is there any way we can talk about this? Maybe over a roast pig or two?”

I was so pleased to see the giant, Gumpelthwomp, respond as if the huge puppet were real. He was not quite puckered up for a kiss, but it sounded like he was trying to ask her out. And his body language was leaning ever closer to the female mock giant. His eyes glimmered and seemed to quite literally have stars in them.

The effect was unanimous around town as all the giant tax collectors came to be smitten by a well-acted fake wooden giantess in curtains.

The longer I watched the giant men chase the fabricated giantesses, the more I couldn’t believe my eyes. Were these behemoths of men really that thick-headed? Could they not see what was happening? They were each beginning to enact my childhood tales, readying their lips to lean in for a kiss from their favored giant woman.

It was all lined up.

The traps were sprung.

There was a large hammer that was released on the top of one giant’s skull, sending him reeling and spinning. As he did so he stumbled into some ropes tied across the street and toppled over into a pile of rubble placed in his way.

Another taxman was slammed in the sides of his face by two huge logs that were let loose simultaneously, swung from ropes. And down he went, lights out.

And another was blinded by black, powdery smoke in his face, coughing and sputtering as he backed up into a large toothed trap that grabbed his ankle.

I stood with the Riley and the others in one of the tallest guard watchtowers and witnessed the whole plan falling into place. All of the giants were being caught by the traps and were either knocked out, bound or fallen. The actors were perfecting their roles, luring the last clueless giants to their dooms.

Except for one. Gumpelthwomp.

Even though the head taxman had been the first to fall prey to the ruse, he had also hesitated long enough to witness his comrades being ensnared. And he did not set off the trap made for him. He looked around angrily, trying to spot someone to blame. And somehow he made eye contact with me.

“You!” he thundered, and hastened towards me. And hastening in giant steps is very fast indeed. He was there before I knew it, reaching out a strong, grubby hand to get me. Riley and the others threw up their weapons but the giant’s hand plunged straight through the stonework of the tower. I felt my body being lifted in a tight grip while my friends were tossed aside like bugs in the rubble of the falling structure.

Ok, this is not going according to plan. This was not right at all, I thought.



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Put People in Fear and They Will Follow You Anywhere

Word Art Midweek Musings green text over blue-yellow background and Subtitle Wednesday Theme: May my guides reveal the way

Put Them in Fear…

Fear. We have talked about this before.

And recently we discussed ending the Age of the God of Fear.

Fear is rampant in the world today. It is the Age of Terrorism, after all. And this fear is so strong because it has so much history backing it.

The world as we know it today has been created in generations and civilizations built and designed around the energy of fear.

Structures are built to keep fearful things at bay. Walls protect cities from the fearful wilds of nature. Customs protect cultures who thrive on togetherness. Guns protect countries from invaders and threats.


But all of these systems and structures made in fear are only building a world that is expecting fearful things to happen. So more fearful things happen. We have in our fear created the means for self-annihilation, and to some the desire for it.

With hundreds, now thousands of years of this fearful momentum, we have found ourselves in the epitome of Fear itself. Look to the fearful places and situations all around the world today. Or even in your own life.

Whether it is poverty, famine or war, economic or political, religious or secular, so much of the world expects fearful things to happen. People have grown to expect low pay for hard work. People accept that war happens or that bombings or shootings may happen. People accept that there are those out there who are inflicting terrible tragedies upon their fellow human beings every day, and not once does anyone truly imagine a real way out of the situation.


And there is a way. But it is not as you see it. It is in a new way you must see. Your perception of things has been built on what you have come to know, and that is fear. You must see beyond fear to see the solution to fear.

…and They Will Follow You Anywhere

When a person, or a group of people, are in fear, it can be easy to sway their attention to doing whatever it is you suggest will be the solution to their fear.

If this person is the bad guy, we should focus our attention on getting him. We should stop him at all costs.

If these people are the bad ones, then let’s get them. By the way, though you might think it good to rid the world of bad people, this very excuse has been used to hunt down those of the Jewish faith for millennia.

And now these ideas are being focused on new scapegoats…. Muslims, members of the Islamic faith… And others. Anyone that can be pointed to and claimed to be the cause of all your problems becomes a fearful thing that you must contend with.

You have been put in fear on purpose. There are those with a vested interest in keeping you in fear. You are in fear because they can tell you what to do in that fearful place. They can tell you how to see the world and how you should respond to it. And these things they tell you are not your ideas. They are not from your own interest and inner knowing.


Word Art over paper background: If you put people in fear they will follow you anywhere.

To hell and back.

Fear and Control

Fear is a structure of control. Fear controls the fearful to be in the direst of fight or flight responses to the world.

In other words, when you are afraid, when you are in a fearful state only the basic instincts of survival are necessary. Your body and mind focuses all your attention on survival. And this is wise in nature to keep people, animals alive.

But this fear controls you, takes over you in order to survive. That is good and well when the tiger chases you.

But when the bills stack up in the mail. When your paycheck is late. When your spouse leaves you. When the president does this or that. When the media tells you things to be scared of. These are not good fearful, fight or flight, life or death situations to have that response to.

There should be no fear response in simply talking to a stranger, a new person in your life. Many people contend with this feeling of fear every day. The fear at this level controls your life, keeps you from doing anything out of your comfort zone, keeps you from expanding.

If you don’t expand beyond the fear, you’re not a threat to the controlling forces.

What the powers that be, those energies that have a vested interest in control, need is for people to be in fear. Fear allows control. Control allows domination.


That is a full post. Enough for now.

More on fear and the solutions to it to come.


Thank you for reading.


Questions: What fears do you contend with? What institutions and systems of control do you abide by that are controlling to you? What does that control get you to do?

Suggestion: Invoke the grid of light to help cleanse the world of the matrix of fear.


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The Birds of the Basin, Part 4: The Marabou

Word Art Young Titan Zone black text over red brick background. Subtitle Tuesday Theme: Expanding idealistic young minds.


The Wings Fly Again

Catch up on Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3 if you missed them.

Now on to our story.

(What follows is a fictional account.)

The Birds of the Basin, Part 4: The Marabou

The four northerners blinked.

Demoiselle the beautiful crane eyed the Frigatebird from the south.

Saddlebill the jealous stork rolled his eyes and lifted his striped beak in the air in disgust.

Shoebill the grumpy other stork grumbled and complained as he went.

The Blue-Footed Booby clumsily wobbled along, armor clinking with every step.

After the crash with Al, the four northern Talen Guard had flown with Frigatebird up to the middle levels of Talpost. The Albatross had been carried off in a large sling by the southern Guard that found them.

They came to rest on a wide balcony, Blue completely fumbling his landing. There they were joined by more of the southern Guard.

A large portal opened into a tall, ornately carved hallway that resounded with the clacking of their dozen taloned feet quickly moving through it. The hallway went one for some time, with different partitions marked at intervals by a pair of sharp columns of razor-like stonework that looked like giant talons.

At last they reached an antechamber with a magnificent pair of staircases. The stairs had this illusory appearance, as if they spiraled up in just a way that could make your body feel as though it were moving even while being still.

Small, arched windows lined the sides of the alabaster white walls along the stairs. Down the center, the railings had poles topped with a variety of southern birds in golden statuette form.

“Nice place,” Bill said, taking his eyes from Demoiselle back to the Frigatebird, then back to Demoiselle.

“I like it,” replied the southerner. “Call me Frigate, by the way. I’m at your service while you’re here. Anything you need while at Talpost, don’t hesitate to ask, got it?”

“Thanks very kind of you,” cooed the crane. Bill shook his head.

“Can I get a plate of pollyworms and a glass of water?” demanded Shoe.

“Oh, and can I get some shrimp boats?” Blue squeaked excitedly.

“Uh, you can ask the cook for that,” Frigate managed. “Uh, I meant more like things that a Talen Commander can do for you.” He motioned one wing towards his commander’s badge on his chest plate.

“Oh, I see,” Blue yipped. “So you command the kitchen staff, huh?”

“No, I don’t, I,” Frigate began.

He was cut off by Shoe, “Ignore Blue, he does that. Uh, he’s read so many books his brain actually overloads and skips a beat sometimes. Don’t mind him.”

Blue nodded along in agreement. Shoe covered his eyes with his wing and shook his head.

“In any case,” Frigate picked up, “I’ve got your back while you’re here. You know, I haven’t seen many northerners in a while. Long while. Don’t many come down here.”

The large bird’s dialect became more noticeable as he talked. There was a quaint charm and masculinity about it, but was also coarse and unusual.

Demoiselle noticed and all but batted her eyes at the southern bird.

“Yea, ok, well, it’s good to have new friends. In the South,” Saddlebill tried. “Thanks for, uh, inviting, uh, leading the way. You know Demoiselle and I have been through a lot together…”

Demoiselle blushed and chided Saddlebill, “Stop. We’ve been work colleagues for some time. We have been through some wild cases in our time. But tell me, Frigate, I want to know more about you. Where are you from originally? What’s it like in the South? How do you stay in such great shape? I’m sorry, that’s probably too many questions at once…”

Frigate perked up and smiled, flexing one of his wings in attempt to show his muscles. “That’s ok, Dem,” his familiar use of her short name sounded like gravel to Bill’s ears, “I work out ten times a week. Daily regimen keeps me fit and for my line of work it seems like a no brainer to be built tough. No offense there, my friend, we all have different strengths. I’m sure yours is well hidden,” he said, gesturing with placating hands towards Saddlebill, who scowled at the comment.

“I am not out of shape,” replied Bill in frustration. “I just happen to be of a breed of bird that is more lithe. I am actually quite fit for my species, thank you, and I work out just as much as you.”

“Bill, you do…” Demoiselle was saying before being cut off.

“Lithe?” snickered Frigate. “I don’t know what that means, but it sounds like thin and that’s what you are. Anyways, it’s not meant as offense, my friend. Just small talk, right?”

Frigate nudged Bill with the elbow of his wing.

Bill glared back and said nothing.

“So, is our pilot going to be alright?” Demoiselle said, changing the subject.

“Yes,” answered Frigate. “He’s being brought to the infirmary now. They’ll take good care of him. Ah, at last.”

As he said this he walked towards the stairs and lifted a wing in anticipation of someone. Following his gaze revealed an odd pair of birds walking towards them.

There was a stout and sturdy Hornbill Stork, coated in heavy mail, who seemed to move from his belt line. He shook his hips back and forth with each step, proudly displaying his hammer hanging at his side.

Next to him was yet another stork, The Marabou. He was a legend, even in the north. His life had been filled with successes in all his enterprises and now he was the Governor of Talpost. He was very old and moved much slower than the Hornbill. Yet he had an air of wisdom and grace his companion lacked.

“Welcome,” The Marabou greeted. “This is Hornbill, my Chief Defense Advisor.”

“Hi,” was all the Hornbill said.

“First,” began The Marabou, “let me say how grateful I am that you are here. I’m sure you are aware that we have a situation with the Rage Fest which is currently being waged on the other side of this cliff face from us in the Mogra Yute Basin. We have called upon you to assist us in placating the strife between our two neighbors, the Forram bull men and the Targen tiger peoples.”

“Though we were expecting a bit more help from our northern allies,” complained the Hornbill. “Typical. Can’t spare an extra nothing.”

“Hey, I don’t like your attitude,” Shoe retorted. “Say that a little closer to my face.”

“Gentlebirds!” The Marabou intervened calmly. “Let’s not waste time on civilities. We have work to do. The festival games are getting more rowdy and threatening the peace in the Basin. A precarious peace we Tal have worked hard to maintain for many decades. The games are supposed to calm the tension. But this year tensions are rising instead. I fear war could result if our two neighboring nations cannot settle down. I am hoping that you can step in and do just that. Settle things down. Do whatever it takes without a fight and without causing a stir. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, your Grace, understood,” Saddlebill said. “But I do have one question. It sounds to me like the south has contended with these politics for some time. So why do you need us? Can’t you just send local representatives to resolve this?”

“In the past we have held sway with our neighbors, but not as of now. They blame us for their current troubles,” The Marabou sighed. “It’s a long story. But when they see us approach, they immediately get guarded and antagonistic towards us. We are hoping that when they see you in your northern colors, they won’t have any negative attachments to you. They may listen to you if you go to them as concerned outsiders.”

“Possible,” Demoiselle mused. “To me this sounds like a stretch.”

“Please,” The Marabou whispered. “We are at a critical juncture. The horns of war are ready to blare throughout the Basin. You’re our only hope. We need to settle the issue of the champion’s prize. He must have something worthy of choosing that is better than seeking glory for their country.”

“Because the glory would be, what, war?” Shoe muttered.

“Precisely,” The Marabou enunciated. “If the champion maintains the kind of rage these games have been fueling, he may choose to repay that anger in battle. It won’t matter which side begins the fighting, because others will follow and both nations will plunge into a war as dominoes that fall one after the other. But the dominoes will instead be the bodies of bulls and tigers strewn about the basin floor, never to compete in another Rage Fest again.”

“Wow, dramatic, isn’t he?” Shoe commented as if he couldn’t be heard.

“Yea, I love a good show,” Blue added. “But I’m a little confused.”

“It’s ok, Blue,” said Shoe. “All he’s saying is the winner might start a war, then the whole Basin will be fighting and there will be lots of casualties. But he just said it more poetic-like.”

“Oh, ok, thanks Shoe,” said Blue.

“So the stakes are high after all,” Demoiselle said. “I wish the Great Blue Heron could hear all of this.”

“Don’t worry, Dem, it’s all going to work out for us. Just remember, we’ve got these two,” said Saddlebill, thumbing a wing towards Shoebill and the booby named Blue.

Stay tuned next week for the Rage Fest


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Climbing the Mountain to Gain Higher Ground

Word Art Possibilities Playground glowing yellow letters over rainbow background. Subtitle Monday Theme: New Ideas. Fun with words. Kid friendly.

Poetry Corner

Another Possibilities Playground. Another poem.

Climbing the Mountain to Higher Ground

I was on the ledge
I saw the long fall
I can climb up the mountain
Or choose to go down

The higher I climb
The more ground I gain
But if I stumble
Back down I go

Sometimes the path leads me
Where I have to go down
But if I look closely
I can always find a higher route

I can climb up the mountain
Or choose to go down
Whatever choice I make
Will lead me where I go

I can go where I want to
It is always my choice
To go higher up
Or to go back down

The mountain has many
Possible paths
That I can get so wound up
Around the sides of the hill

That I go around in circles
Not going up or down
Not up the mountain
Not down it, not anywhere new at all

It is always my choice
To go up or go down
When I see the path before me
I make the choices I choose

I go up when I see the way
I only go down for brief moments
I rise higher and higher
And I gain new ground

I climb ever nearer the mount of the hill
The top of the mountain, the summit if you will

I see new things before me, there are shapes in the sky
Clouds of birthing new formations of newness in my life

I see the sun shining brightly, the light is so strong
That I am overcome with the feeling of God in my heart

I know the light loves me, the universe, too
I am always watched over, cared for, and loved

The love of God, the light at the top of the mountain
Pours down on me and cleanses all my worries away

I feel God’s love, I know it deeply
For God has always loved me
Forever in fact

There is a light at the top of the mountain
Keep climbing higher so you can see it
It will pour into your heart and make you believe
The love of God, the Universe, and All That Is

It is waiting for you on higher ground
Climb to the top of your mountain
Choose the paths that lead you there
Climb higher and higher

See you there


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Composing a Prayer For the Future

Word Art Soul Connection black text over sun in blue sky photo, Subtitle Sunday Theme: Spirituality and transformationSC#08:

A Prayer for the Future

I am in the vibration of love.

I am in the realm of wisdom.

I am aligned to Divine Love in completion.

I am knowing who I am, what I am and how I serve.

I am at Peace.

The Future Is Now

We talk so much about the present tense of our lives. We define ourselves by what is happening around us, now, now, now, now, now.

But when we speak of the future, we speak as though it is distant.

The present moment you are in is built in the energy of your yesterdays. It is merely unfolding now as you perceive it.

Today was built in the past.

Your future is built now.

Speaking of the future as though it already is puts the cart before the horse, so to speak.

With the cart ahead of the horse, the goods can arrive ahead of schedule. The future is brought to you more readily when you speak as those it is now.

I am healthy claims this now and draws the future of your health towards you.

I am well. I am joyful. I am prosperous. I am wise. I am truthful. I am loving.

These are claims for my future.

What do you claim for your future?

Allow me to end with a prayer for the future of our planet Earth, our world, I AM…


I am strong.
I am well.
I am whole.
I am prosperous.

I am blessed.
I am abundant.
I am thriving.
I am exceptional.

I am full of life.
I am expanding.
I am transforming.
I am exceeding expectations.

I am working out the kinks.
I am growing without limit.
I am with you all the way.
I am holding, guiding, loving.

I am exalting with your thrills.
I am forgiving all your stumbles.
I am striving for my best.
I am always gaining ground.

I am lucky.
I am joyful.
I am perfect.
I am love.

I am the kingdom as you claim it.
I am the planet you call home
I am Earth, I am human, I am Heaven.



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Following My Guides, Heading Towards the Music

Word Art Wild Card Day handwritten font on illustration of cards, Subtext Friday Theme: Any theme

Life Takes Anew

Um, I’m a bit frazzled to be honest.

Letting it go.

Plans change last minute.

I thought I was going to write about one thing tonight. But another matter has just taken precedence.

I am wanting a page for my site featuring my music. I have one song in particular that I was about to have ready to share. Turns out there is some major need to change the album art.

Unfortunately, it’s already distributed and the art cannot be changed. I’ve got to cancel and resubmit in the coming days. Which means delays. I’m assuming God has reasons for this….

Now I’ve got to make the page, create new album cover art, and redo my online distribution. I’ll never get it all done tonight. But I’d rather use my blogging time tonight instead for at least beginning the process of solving my music quandary.

So that’s it, I guess. Next week’s Wild Card will prove to be far more interesting, I am sure.


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