The Fool Recaps It All As He Finds New Footing In the World

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The Fool In Me

I am ever a fool. And that is a good thing.

For the fool always admits that he doesn’t know it all, that there is more to learn, that all experiences can be new.

So The Fool, which is the opening card of the Tarot’s Major Arcana, begins things. Whatever it is. We always have to begin new things from the beginning, and thus we always play the fool at some point or other.

To cultivate this energy of ever-allowing newness means you will always be learning, never assuming.

So the fool in me got started with this blog 70 posts ago.

A fortuitous number: 7 for the strong spirituality aspect of this blog, and 0 for The Fool card, just discussed. For this is a turning point where I take a short departure from this site into new ventures for my life.

I wanted to touch base on where this blog has been. As much for me as for anyone reading. It will be a good touching off point for when I return.

First, Let’s Recap

I had my 30 Day Blog Challenge to initiate my writings.

This was hugely transformative for me. The first 30 days got the energy moving and my hands typing.

In that first 30 days I worked on releasing toxicity in my life; building a mentality for finding abundance with my desire to write; and I began many threads of ideas and themes to work with as I continued blogging.

Since then I have written posts about fear, the nature of control and the idea of hell.

On the other hand I wrote about the Light, releasing negativity and manifesting the Kingdom of Heaven.

I had a purging period.

And a truly wild Wild Card post yesterday.

There was a short series of poems about a gnome.

And a miniseries, The Birds of the Basin, that is nearing completion.

My personal favorite has been my Epic Adventure, The Mountain in the Clouds. This I will continue to write. It keeps calling me to my future.

For It Is Time To Face the World

I claimed at the end of the 30 day challenge that I was doing a new challenge to meditate daily. Truth be told, it didn’t go as planned. And I lost track. Oh well, I’m being easy about it. I did what I needed to, meditated where I could and now I am going to do what I feel guided to do next.

Who knows… It may be that despite how I think my second meditation challenge went,  this moment in time,  this revelation gifted to me tonight is the result of my efforts.

And that revelation is to follow through on the intentions I set in this blog. To write and to be creative and to forge the rest of my life around that, as I had always planned to since my youth.

So it is go time. Time to make a product that will actually face the masses and become a work apart from me, beyond its creator and received by the world at large.

For that is what I am lacking. Release. A release of my work, of any kind. So that is the next step I am guided to take.

Finding New Footing

I will be taking a hiatus from the blog for a while. Except as I am guided to, of course. And my epic adventure must see it’s conclusion.

I am not sure how long it will take, it matters not, but it is time to turn my laser sharp focus on a new goal: completing one project and releasing it. And then the next. And the next. And the next. That is what I want, after all.  To write and keep writing.

So I will find new footing now.

And I release all ties to this blog. The blogging can come as it needs to. I am at peace with it.

(Anyways, you have plenty to read while you wait. 70 posts to be sure.

So catch up. Stay tuned. And be easy.)


As always, thanks for reading.


Blessings to you all and my very best,


Composing a Prayer For the Future

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A Prayer for the Future

I am in the vibration of love.

I am in the realm of wisdom.

I am aligned to Divine Love in completion.

I am knowing who I am, what I am and how I serve.

I am at Peace.

The Future Is Now

We talk so much about the present tense of our lives. We define ourselves by what is happening around us, now, now, now, now, now.

But when we speak of the future, we speak as though it is distant.

The present moment you are in is built in the energy of your yesterdays. It is merely unfolding now as you perceive it.

Today was built in the past.

Your future is built now.

Speaking of the future as though it already is puts the cart before the horse, so to speak.

With the cart ahead of the horse, the goods can arrive ahead of schedule. The future is brought to you more readily when you speak as those it is now.

I am healthy claims this now and draws the future of your health towards you.

I am well. I am joyful. I am prosperous. I am wise. I am truthful. I am loving.

These are claims for my future.

What do you claim for your future?

Allow me to end with a prayer for the future of our planet Earth, our world, I AM…


I am strong.
I am well.
I am whole.
I am prosperous.

I am blessed.
I am abundant.
I am thriving.
I am exceptional.

I am full of life.
I am expanding.
I am transforming.
I am exceeding expectations.

I am working out the kinks.
I am growing without limit.
I am with you all the way.
I am holding, guiding, loving.

I am exalting with your thrills.
I am forgiving all your stumbles.
I am striving for my best.
I am always gaining ground.

I am lucky.
I am joyful.
I am perfect.
I am love.

I am the kingdom as you claim it.
I am the planet you call home
I am Earth, I am human, I am Heaven.



Please let me know what you think in the comments.

And please share.


As always, thanks for reading.


Blessings to you all,


Let’s Bring an End to the Age of the God of Fear

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Age of Fear, God of Fear

Everything is made in the likeness that it is created. Every creation is built with intent. Intention comes with mental focus. Focusing upon what is desired creates energy. Energy becomes physical reality.

If there is an Age of Terrorism, then surely we are in an Age of Fear.

If we are in an Age of Fear, then we must surely have a God of Fear.

For a God of Fear would create a world in its likeness, in Fear. Because we have a God that must be feared. And so the world becomes fearful.

Perhaps you’ve heard the term, “God-fearing people?”

I believe it is used to describe people who are faithful to their God, to their religion, to their morals. In other words, good people. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, with being good people. But how do you be good people?

To be in fear, to focus in fear, only creates more fear.

But we have been in an Age of Fear for a long time

Perhaps thousands of years. Your guess is as good as mine.

And fear is natural, it is a part of animal instinct. Do not fool yourself into thinking you do not have animal instinct. We all respond to mortal danger in fear.

But unlike most of the animal kingdom, modern humans seem to live in constant fear. We find it hard to relax into the balanced perfection that is all around us, to be calm, still, and easy as we are carried by God’s love.

Because we have been put in fear by structures that seek to control us. By telling us to fear God. Because we are made broken and need to be saved by God. And only the right people, those who know best about God, can tell you what God wants for you. And this is control.

Why Would God Make Us Broken?

Many modern tellings of it say that mankind is born into “original sin.”

Why? Why would God create us in sin? Why would God create us to be broken? So that we may live our lives to fix ourselves?

That doesn’t make sense to me. Why would an all-powerful, always present, all-knowing, all-loving Creator create the world broken?

If the creation is broken, then remake it whole! That is what a loving Creator would do.

We are made whole. We are not broken. We are made the way God has fashioned us to be made. There is nothing wrong with us.

Word Art over paper background: Why would an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient God make a broken creation and then keep remaking it, broken each time?

Stop Condemning, Stop Mutilating

There are practices around the world that condemn the human from birth. They cut sensitive parts of the body at an early age.

Why does mankind mutilate God’s creation this way?

Why does mankind, in arrogance and ego, attempt to remake what God has made in perfection?

God made us how we are, God made us in perfection. God did not make us broken. We do not have to fix anything. We do not have to mutilate our bodies to make us right. We are in this way only tampering with God’s perfect creation.

Why do we torture ourselves this way?

We are not made wrong. We are made the way we are intended to be made.

Word Art over paper background: Stop condemning your body, stop condemning others’.

Who is in Fear Can Be Controlled

When you are put into fear, you can be controlled by those who frighten you.

So how did we get here? Why is there an age of fear, and condemnation, and mutilation? Who does it serve?

It serves those who wish to control. For when someone is in fear, they are easy to control.

Word Art over paper background: If you put people in fear, they are easy to control.

Fear benefits those who wish to control. Those who follow their ego. Those who do not align to God’s love.

Love is not control.

Control is born of fear.

Love dispels fear. In love, there can be no fear.

God Doesn’t Need Control, God Has Love

Fear is about control. God does not need to control. God is beyond control. Because God is All That Is.

God does not need that kind of control. Because God has Love.

Love is all that God needs to have. Love is what created All That Is. Love is all there is.

God-loving People

I propose a new term that all religious, spiritual and moral people can use:

Word Art over paper background: “God-loving people”

This makes more sense to me. This is more fitting for God, the loving creator. This reminds us that we are all God’s beloved creations.

As we love God, Gods loves us. As we focus on love, we create from love. God is a creator of love. God created all in love.

That’s why it boggles my mind to think of it otherwise…

All for now.


Thank you for reading.


Please share the conversation and add your comments below.

Blessings to you all,


Claiming the Word and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

“A conservative is one who admires radicals centuries after they’re dead.” -Leo Rosten

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The Word, in the Beginning…

I am Word through the intention to write only the truth as I am guided to do so.

There is an energy at work in the world and it is known as Word. It is a frequency. A vibration.

I did not create this. Not the energy, not the Word. Not this concept.

The Word, in some ways, is what has always been.

It is God in action.

It is creation.

Words create.

Words create worlds.

In the beginning was the word…

If you wish to better understand what I am talking about, the best source is to go to the source.

Read the books, if you are called to do so…

“I Am the Word,” by Paul Selig and his guides.

And his other books that follow.

This is not a plug or an advertisement. I don’t get kickbacks.

And it’s not a review or critique of the books.

I do highly recommend the books to you, however.

Strongly. With your best interest at heart.

The Word and the Kingdom

I have spoken about the Word in other ways in this blog.

I have spoken about the kingdom of heaven as well.

These ideas are inspired by the books.

But they resonated strongly with me because in a way I have always felt this energy pulling me forward, calling me to this experience, to these books, to this blog.

Whether or not I saw clearly what it was. Now that I’m here writing about it, I know it was always there for me, waiting for me to find it and live it.

The energy or vibration or frequency of the Word, it is told, has always been present all around us. It is available at all times.

What does it do for us?

Aligning to the Word brings us to the kingdom.

It aligns us to our own most powerful self, our divine self, a self that is aligned to divine love and truth and knowing.

It aligns us to our wisdom. To peace. To All That Is.

Aligning to the Word is our choice in any moment

We always have choices. To choose our actions, our words. We can choose from a high place or a low place.

It’s like listening to the angel or the devil on your shoulder.

And words create forms. So we can choose to create high forms, or low forms, depending on what we put our energy into.

High forms are built with high words. Their energy is love and joy and strength and courage and truth and wisdom and peace.

Low words and forms? Think of their opposites. And think of the worst of mankind’s creations…

Not too long!

Today is a focus on higher forms.

Today is a focus on the Word

I am Word through my body. Word I am Word.

I am Word through my vibration. Word I am Word.

I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word.

I am Word through all that I see before me.

I see all that I see before me as an aspect of the divine.

I see all that I see before me through the eyes of the creator.

I see all that I see before my through the eyes of Source.

I see all that I see before my in the vibration of love.

I am Word through these intentions.

Word I am Word.

The Word is God in action

Love is the full manifestation of God.

To claim the Word is to claim God in full manifestation as the vibration of love, in truth and knowing.

This is a choice. By any of you. By all of us.

To see all we see as through the eyes of the God that created it.

To see with those eyes is to see with the eyes of love.

To see with those eyes is to see the kingdom of heaven.

The kingdom of heaven as it is made manifest here on Earth.

The kingdom, where forms are built on the higher energies of love and truth and wisdom.

We can do this if we choose it.

We can create the kingdom. We can co-create the kingdom of heaven on Earth.

Things are not always what they seem.

The kingdom is not a prize. It is a choice.

Will you choose it?


Thank you for reading.


Feel free to leave comments or questions below.

And please share with others who may benefit from this post.

Many blessings to you all.


Please Help Me Invoke the Grid of Light Around the Earth

Word Art Wild Card Day handwritten font on illustration of cards, Subtext Friday Theme: Any theme

The Grid of Light

I’ve been thinking about this idea for some time.

It initially began as an idea for a vlog that would describe the following meditation or intention.

To focus on a healing energy that we can all co-create with and together change the world.

The Grid of Light. To dispel the Matrix of Fear.

Without further ado…

Today’s wild card is…..!

Word Art Soul Connection black text over sun in blue sky photo. Subtitle Sunday Theme: Spirituality and transformation.

Please Help Me Invoke the Grid of Light All Around the Earth

Today we are going to be co-creating a force of major healing for our Earth and all who dwell on this amazing planet.

We are going to call upon our own transformation. Our own evolution.

I enjoy Sci-Fi, so I visualize scenes from Independence Day or some movie with alien invasion.

But instead of hostile aliens coming to destroy our world….

We have entities of light, beings of light, aliens who are beneficial and loving.

Instead of cannons and guns and lasers and rockets…

These friendly alien beings have a powerful technology: the Light!

Their ships are made of light. Their fuel is light. Their weaponry, if you could call it that, is made of light and shines only light.

Even their physical forms are made of light.

The brightest light there is.

All these beings are immersed in the light and live the light and are the light.

They are the Galactic Federation of Light.

They are Andromedans, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, Orions, et al.

They have come from the deepest reaches of space.

They arrive on their battleships. Battleships of light.

Armed with cannons of light.

Spaceships of all kinds, arriving all around the Earth. Battalions and legions and swarms of ships of light.

Surrounding the Earth with an armada of light ships.

There are other light beings and entities.

They are angels. They are archangels.

Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Chamuel, Zadkiel, Jophiel, Gabriel.



And more.

There are ascended masters.

Jesus. Mary. St. Germain. Melchizedek. Merlin. Buddha. Ganesha. Lady Isis. Kwan Yin. Maitreya. And others, many others.

Lord Ashtar, ascended master and head of the Galactic Federation of light, leads the multitudes.

All beings of light, come to surround the Earth in their multitudes.

Hundreds. Thousands. Tens of thousands. Hundreds of thousands.

Millions and billions of light beings from across the universe, across the galaxy.

All come to bear on the planet Earth.

From all of their hearts, from all of their ships, from all of their cannons pours an infinite and powerful light.

The Light.

A golden, white light.

This light is love. It is healing. It is purity. It is peace.

The light builds and expands.

A grid is set forth, by all the ships, all the angels, all the beings of light.

A grid of light is formed.

This grid connects all the beings of light. This grid encompasses the space around the Earth.

This grid touches the face of the Earth. The grid surrounds and covers the Earth. The grid passes through and fills the Earth.

This Grid of Light

It dispels the darkness that is fear.

The matrix of fear.

This fear matrix is heavy and dense upon the Earth.

It lurks and creeps in all places it can reach.

It touches everyone and everything, this fear.

The matrix of fear that deceives, that controls, that manipulates the masses.

This fear that is ancient and new. That has been passed down and recreated. That finds its own modern manifestations.

Manifestations born in fear are fearful.

The means for our own destruction were born in fear.

It is time to heal the fear. To lift it, to cleanse it, to bring it into the light.

The Galactic Federation of Light and the angels and the masters and all beings and entities of light and healing surround the Earth.

They co-create this grid of light.

This grid of light that coats and fills the Earth.

This grid of light that dispels the matrix of fear.

The light covers America, North and South, and Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Africa and Australia, and India and the Pacific.

The grid of light touches every place. All cities from New York to Los Angeles. From London to Madrid. From Berlin to Rome. From Moscow to Beijing. From Mumbai to Baghdad. From Egypt to Cape Town. From Rio to Sydney.

This light touches everything. The trees and the streets and the buildings and the parks and the ball fields and the malls and the museums and the theaters and the bars and the courts and the churches and the schools.

This light touches all life. Animals, plants, insects, people. Your friends, your family, your loved ones, your children. Your teachers, your doctors, your bosses and your peers.

This light coats and covers the Earth and penetrates and fills the Earth.

And everywhere it goes it dispels the darkness, the matrix of fear.

The fear cannot exist where the light shines.

All creations born in fear are being penetrated by this light.

Transformed, healed, renewed.

All institutions, all things, all creations born in fear are being worked on to lift them to new heights. To bring them into the light.

The light continues to infuse with all things, everything here on Earth.

The Galactic Federation of Light, the angels and archangels, the ascended masters and all the company of heaven are surrounding the Earth, co-creating this Grid of Light.

This healing, transformative power that is the glory of this time on Earth.

Together we can all assist this process

Please do this meditation with me. Think of this grid of light, of these beings of light.

Add your intention and your energy to the co-creation of this process.

Join with me and with more and more light workers assisting this process.

Think of this as often as you can. Remember it daily if you will. Take five seconds, five minutes, an hour, however long you wish to remember this Grid of Light.

Feel the power of the light.

Be healed by the light.

See the world in healing.

See all Earthly creation bathed in golden, healing, white light.

Thank you, God.


Please comment and add more energy to this process. I can update the post to include your favorite masters or angels or other light beings.

And do share with friends and lights workers who can assist in this process of transformation.

Continue to meditate on it often, as much as you can and whenever you can.

Together our light can transform the world.


Thank you, all.

Many blessings be to you all.


Alpha and Omega, the Story of Creation

Word Art Soul Connection black text over sun in blue sky photo

Alpha and Omega

You know me. I like to take on the big topics. But I like to do it my way.

Maybe you are familiar with the idea of Alpha and Omega, maybe not. I am not an expert on it myself. I’ve heard of the Greek language… no wait…

I became aware of the Alpha and Omega idea years ago, but never read the biblical verses in the Book of Revelation that discuss it. That’s not my focus here.

But the biggest takeaway I got was this: the Alpha and Omega represent God or Christ.

They are at the same time the energy that begins (Alpha) and ends (Omega) the universe and everything in it.

In other words, they complete the cycle from creation to completion. They are all that is.

Like I said, big topic.


…is the start.

…is the spark.

…is the idea.

…is the push.

…is the power.

…is the activation.


…is the end.

…is the destination.

…is the goal.

…is the realization.

…is the prize.

…is the completion.

And what is completed…

…comes back around to a new beginning…

Full Circle

Many use the words Yin and Yang for duality. I will at times myself. They are useful terms. And some prefer other dualities. There are many ways to understand this concept.

Me, I like grey zones.

And so when I see an idea like Alpha and Omega, or even Yin and Yang, I think of the grey zone between the two concepts.

The image of Yin and Yang itself depicts this as the black and white colors swirl into each other. This shows the shifting from yin to yang and back again, and all the gradations in between.

To me Alpha and Omega can share this concept, if not the convenient symbol.

Though Alpha may represent the absolute beginning and Omega the absolute end, in the middle lies everything else. The grey zone. The whole story.

The Story of Creation

No, it’s not the Book of Genesis. This isn’t the “” blog.

What I am getting at it is this: anything that is created has an Alpha and Omega, a beginning and a completion. So any creation, any story, has these elements as well.

I had a powerful personal experience of this recently in writing one of my own stories for my blog.

For me it was the creative process itself, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was God in action. The Christ in form.

First the Alpha idea, the spark, the beginning. Then the middle, the lessons and the story. Finally the Omega ending, resolution and triumph.

My entire life I have written many Alphas. Great ideas all, I am sure. But I didn’t follow through with the middles and certainly not the endings.

No Omegas. No finished products.

I feel like I have never actually completed any of the stories I began.

Until now.

My Own Triumph!

Trumpets blare!

Yes, I am tooting my own horn. Who else will? And what better way to celebrate my success and build momentum on my dreams?

My Thursday Epic Adventure, called The Mountain in the Clouds, has taught me a valuable lesson.

The section I just completed last night has drilled home the idea that I can actually follow through a storyline to its natural end, with perfect execution… if I do say so myself.

That is to say, I didn’t just have a good start. I kept writing (and burst through an early barrier, too, where I might have stopped in the past… I recognized my win there also.)

The middle did get me anxious, I must admit. I was worried I might flop the ending of it and have no moral, no profound lesson. It could totally have fizzled out. But I was hoping for profound, for a big bang finale of some sort, some powerful insight.

I am proud to say that it was a success and I am more than happy with the way it all came together in the end. I have had an Omega moment. A triumph of my intention to bring a piece of creative writing to completion.

Thank you, God, for the words and guidance.

So I celebrate this win. And I see the future before me. And I am knowing the steps I will take as I continue to write. This story and millions more.


And there are still six trials to go, so continue catching my Thursday Epic Adventures for more of The Mountain in the Clouds.


Thank you kindly for reading.


Please share if you care and leave comments below to help celebrate my Omega moment with me. Trumpets blaring.

Blessings to you all.


What is the Kingdom of Heaven?

Word Art Soul Connection black text over sun in blue sky photo

The Kingdom of Heaven

In the past week I had a low point and I discussed the idea of hell.

Now to have a bit more fun with a much more uplifting idea.

And that is the kingdom of heaven.

What does that mean? When you hear those words, read those words. What do they mean to you?

When I was a child, in good Roman Catholic fashion, I believed heaven was a blissful and eternal afterlife where you could do or be or have anything that you could ever want.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? It certainly helped convince my child mind to behave in a certain way so that God and St. Peter and the rest of them would accept me into the kingdom for my own afterlife.

That is not how I see heaven anymore.

That version feels like a good way of keeping people in check.

The New Way

There is a new way to see the kingdom of heaven.

We say it’s a new way, but really it is not new. It has always been available. It is a matter of choice in deciding to see it or not. And having the knowledge and awareness to do so.

So all are born aware that the kingdom of heaven can be made manifest in the life that you live now on Earth. That is the message of the ancient so-called prophets. That the kingdom of heaven can be made now, in your own life.

How is this so?

It takes first changing your consciousness on what the kingdom of heaven is. Is it an afterlife, for eternity or otherwise? Is it a prize for living a good life aligned to the teachings of the church or particular dogma? Is it a blessing?

We will say this. Yes, yes it is a blessing.

But it is not a prize for living in accordance to dictates and structures. No structure made by humankind ever has had it right about what it takes to live a good life in accordance with the will of God.

The reason for this is that the will of God speaks directly to you. You just have to listen inside with the knowing that this can be so.

God does not need an outside source to communicate to you. God can and does speak or act through others, but be careful of those wishing to control you in some way.

Control is not the way of God.

See God is like this puppet maker who lets the puppets play freely, without being attached to the movements of their strings. But the strings are always there, connecting the puppets to the puppet creator.

Humans are not puppets. They do as they wish. They have free choice. But they do have connection to their creator. And the creative source that flows to you is what gives you the dictates of living right.

Living Right

Living right, we will say.

Living right is a better concept than saying doing good. But we will not speak of living right as if it is contrary to living wrong.

To live right means to live in accordance with divine will and wisdom. To live right is to allow the creative source energy that gives you life and creates your world to flow through you in perfect order.

If there were a wrong way of living, it is only by choice to do so. The choose to live in ways that serve only your ego and not God. We will not claim you as wrong or bad, only that you have chosen to shunt off your connection to a higher purpose as God would have you know.

So to connect to a higher purpose means to be tuned in. To listen to the creative source energy coming to you. To allow it to animate your life. Not as a puppet, but as a chooser to do so.

You may not be forced by the creator’s hand, but you can choose to vibrate along side it and work with it and manifest hand in hand with it.


The Conscience?

You can choose to align to the devil or the angel on your shoulder.

The devil often whispers to do things that you know will bring much gain quickly, but will also incur feelings of remorse and regret. And worse. Worse feelings stem from continuing to follow the voice of the devil.

The angel, on the other hand, tells you choices that lead you to higher places and better feelings. These choices are not always clear or easy to perceive, and may take some time and faith and belief to manifest in the ways that you may see them.

That is the way to the kingdom of heaven. Lift yourself higher and feel better and see things in a greater way.

You may visualize this. You may see it in your mind’s eye. You may even see it in the world around you.

Follow the angels. Heed the advice of ones who may lift you rather than those that may drag you down.

Feel the energy of the creator’s love pouring through you as you align to divine will…

And to divine truth…

And to divine peace….

And to divine wisdom…

And to divine love…

To the divine vision of perfection that can be made as the kingdom of heaven made manifest in your own earthly lives.

To see with eyes of wonder at everything you behold, to see it all as a magnificent aspect of the transcendent whole that is creation, is to see with the eyes of creator. It is to see with the eyes of love.

Be in your love now and always.

Claim your own kingdom of heaven, here and now, in this lifetime, not the next, or the next, or the one after that one.

Don’t plan for your afterlife, claim your now life!

Be at peace.


Thank you for reading.


Please comment below with your own claim of the kingdom of heaven you may see in your now lifetime.

And please share with others who may do the same.

Many blessings to you all,


Does Confirmation Have a Place in the Modern World?

Word Art Soul Connection black text over sun in blue sky photo


To confirm is to go into agreement with. Is to go into congruence with. Is to align to. Is to allow.

Confirming allows.

Whatever someone does can be agreed to or not.

If others agree to what is done, it is allowed.

If others do not disagree to what is done, it is allowed.

What is agreed to is allowed

You must see this. When you witness someone say something, do something, you have choices. You can agree or disagree. You can allow or not allow.

What choices do you allow your fellows to make?

When do you not agree when you should?

When do you agree when you should not?

Please allow time. Time is not your enemy. But too much time can allow a time bomb to go off.

You must know what you feel about what you witness before you. You must become acutely aware of it.

You must perceive the truth of what is before you. It must be what it is. You cannot control it.

You only control your choice. You choose to allow or you do not.

So what?

Ok, so what does this all mean?

Readers have asked for examples.

First an obvious one, an example of the time bomb mentioned above.

This time bomb is famous for its atrocities in 1930s and 40s Germany. Hitler. The man who far too many people accepted despite his behavior, despite his words, despite what he did. People allowed him to go on. People went into choice to let it happen, some even to condone his actions.

Yet not all agreed. That was their choice in that time as well. Some actively resisted him.

And some passively did nothing and therefore simply allowed him to be.

What about something more personal?

I once worked with someone who was at first the newest member of the team, then suddenly one of my direct supervisors. Or at least she thought of herself that way.

You see, she took it upon herself to hunt me down all of the time to be on task or to give me busy work. Despite the fact that the superior manager to both of us never pressed me in this way and allowed me to work as I had always done.

That was part of the problem. Our boss allowed it, allowed this woman to supervise me in this way.

And I allowed it, too. I went to work every day and put up with the pestering, annoying way she treated me.

Eventually she actually requested that my entire desk be turned so that she could see my computer screen. This would allow her to watch me work so she could make sure that I was doing what I needed to.

I could have stood up for myself and set some boundaries with her. But it was only when it had gotten severe that I finally pushed back, and then we were both in the office having a talk with our boss.

At the end of the day our boss was hardly bothered by our bickering and just wanted us to get along. She tried to find ways to ease the tension. It didn’t exactly work, though, and I was soon done with the job.

But the lesson for me still remains. I should have given some resistance to being treated like that before it had gotten too far.

Can you remember a time when you allowed someone to do something you didn’t actually agree with? What did you do? What would you do differently if you had a second chance at it?

Please answer in the comments.

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Thank you for reading.

Blessings to you all,


So Let’s Meditate and Not Lose Any More Time Creating

Word Art Soul Connection black text over sun in blue sky photo

Three, Two, One, Let’s Go

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

And out.

Take three more deeps breaths.

Continue to breathe as you read.

This will be nice and easy.

Please follow along.

Breathing is calming

It centers the body.

It calms the mind.

It allows healing.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Take your time in breathing.

Slow, deep inhales through the nose.

Long, full exhales through the mouth.

Feel the belly rise and fall like a balloon.

Feel the breath come into the nose.

And feel the belly fill until it cannot fill more.

Then stay as long as you are comfortable.

And slowly let the breath go out.

Don’t force it. Be easy.

The breath rises out of the belly.

It leaves the lungs.

And releases out of the mouth or nose.

Hold the lungs empty for as long as you are comfortable.

When the breath must come in it will.

Allow the breath to enter easily through the nose.

The breath goes into the lungs.

It descends into the belly and diaphragm.

Then it reaches the pelvic floor.

You are full of breath from base to brow.

Even the top of your forehead tingles with breath.

You feel the whole system full of rich air.

You are rich in air.

You have an abundant bounty of breath.

And as you no longer need it.

You let it go without worry.

For you know the next breath will come.

There is always more air. There is always another breath.

Whenever the breath is needed it comes.

The breath comes easily.

Allow the breath in.

And let the breath out.

Be easy about it.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Feel your body in ease.

Feel your mind at rest.

The top of your head is calm and relaxed.

Your forehead, brow and eyes are calm and relaxed.

Your nose and cheeks are calm and relaxed.

Your mouth and chin are calm and relaxed.

Your throat and neck are calm and relaxed.

Your collar and chest are calm and relaxed.

Your shoulders and back are calm and relaxed.

Your arms and hands are calm and relaxed.

Your lungs and belly are calm and relaxed.

Your waist and hips are calm and relaxed.

Your legs and feet are calm and relaxed.

The tips of your fingers and toes are calm and relaxed.

The breath fills all of these spaces.

The breath extends from the crown of your head to the base of your feet.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Be at ease.


Blessings to you all.


DAY 29




Day 28 of 30 Day Challenges

Word Art My 30 Day Blog Challenge and Self-Soothe Challenge over paper backgroundThe blog series in which I am completing my challenge from!

As well as a self-made challenge inspired by Abraham Hicks in which I self-soothe myself through negative emotion.

At the end of this 30 day journey I intend to be more fully on my life’s path, “all systems go.”

Hold On…

Blog challenge today is to start preparing my newsletter. I’m not quite there but it’s on my mind. Did inspire me to design my first lead magnet for getting email sign-ups, which will be put to good use.

My self-soothe challenge pitted me today against worry and doubt and annoyance. Worry about money in the near future. Doubt about my choices in life currently. Annoyance at feeling stuck with seemingly no movement.

Ah, self-soothe. It’s ok. I am where I am.

This was the perfect day for a little calming meditation like the one seen above.

Thank you, enjoy. Blessings.

Calm Your Heart, All You Want is Peace of Mind

Word Art Soul Connection black text over sun in blue sky photo

So, Some Soul Here?

Soul. Well, what do you think it is?

My thoughts tend to go for grand topics, like what is your soul. Comment below if you know.

Maybe today I can be more easy and calm. I once wrote a song, or was guided to write a song, about just that and I am recalling it now:

“Calm your heart and let go, see all of your troubles in an empty bowl.”

In other words, if the bowl is empty, there is no place to catch your troubles. They simply fall through the bottom of the bowl and go away. Calm your heart and let it go.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

“All you want is peace of mind. All your want is some peace of mind.”

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

“Calm your heart and let go. Pour all of your troubles in an empty bowl.”

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

How do you feel?

This song is a release in many ways. A release of baggage and burdens. These can be crosses we choose to bear. These can be simple remembrances of feelings we have felt. They can be anything that hold us back. Any troubles or challenges we choose to cling to.

We choose whether we drag the past along with us, only to inject it again and again into our present moments.

Or we choose to leave the past behind, and dream of the possibility of a new way of being.

A new way of being

The vision you see before you in your mind’s eye can be of new wonder and new possibility. It is your focus upon this that creates all you see before you. Where attention goes, energy flows.

So even when you send energy to day dreams of the future, your attention goes to that possible reality as well. Then your life unfolds in that direction. As long as you maintain your focus upon it.

This may sound simple and yet be hard to execute. I am no master of it. Can you be?

What have you come to this life to do? What new possibility will you present to your fellows?

There is always a new way of being that may be engaged with in any situation. It is always your choice to go with the new or the old. The old may feel safe. The new may create growth. It is your choice.

It is always your choice


Be easy.

Calm your heart.

Pour your troubles into oblivion.

And let go.

Thank you, God.

Please leave comments and share!

Blessings to you all.


DAY 22




Day 21 of 30 Day Challenges

Word Art My 30 Day Blog Challenge and Self-Soothe Challenge over paper backgroundThe blog series in which I am completing my challenge from!

As well as a self-made challenge inspired by Abraham Hicks in which I self-soothe myself through negative emotion.

At the end of this 30 day journey I intend to be more fully on my life’s path, “all systems go.”

New Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge wanted me to practice graphics for my blog. Good, I have been working on header graphics all week. Still refining. May get to body images as needed, but am enjoying playing with type for headers and refining my skill with visuals for my posts.

30 Day Self-Soothe Challenge and nothing too outstanding. Good. I feel more comfortable being at ease about my life and everything going on around me. Even the things that might have ruffled my feathers in the past.

Thank you for reading. Blessings.