My 30 Day Blog Challenge Table of Contents

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Day 12 of 30 Day Challenges


Now introducing my first table of contents to this 30 Day Challenge.

For those who are catching this for the first time, welcome. Let me fill you in on where we have been and where we are going.

Where we’ve been:

30 Day Blog Challenge

This blog is currently exploring my first 30 consecutive days of blog writing. Balls to the walls. Unedited and live from my fingertips. It’s been fun beginning to create this blog and see where it takes me. It’s also been quite messy in some ways.

So that’s what I am working on my 30 Day Blog Challenge eCourse from What’s great is that it is free. And it’s amazing for its lessons in constructing a successful blog. Even now it is helping me get focused on organizing my blog better. Big thanks goes out to you guys.

30 Day Self-Soothing Challenge

This series of 30 consecutive daily posts is also about a 30 day attempt at self-soothing myself. This was inspired by listening to Abraham Hicks recently. If you don’t know her she is worth checking out. She’s the law of attraction gal.

And one thing she said inspired me to attempt to be more kind to myself in learning anything or challenging myself in life. The sort of kindness that you would show a young child learning how to walk., or do anything You wouldn’t scold the child, but rather you would soothe and encourage them to better success.

The Now

And here we are. Continuing to amble through my blog posts. Hey, it’s been fun. But this is a turning point. Today’s challenge: title like a pro and structure your blog for your readers.

For now, I will take the challenge’s suggestion to work on my titles. So far my blog is untitled. So I will create a table of contents linking you to all the posts to date.

30 Day Challenge TABLE OF CONTENTS
  1. How I Began My 30 Day Blog Challenge, and Added My Own
  2. How I Self-Soothed My Way Through a Problem
  3. Has Life Ever Bugged You and You Couldn’t Self-Soothe?
  4. A Message To My Future Readers About Life
  5. 3 Ways I Transformed Bad Feelings In My Life
  6. How Accepting the Process Can Lead You To Inspiration
  7. Unprogramming Structures of Control and the Need For Mediocrity
  8. My Initial Musings Into a Reverie of Children’s Literature
  9. Biding My Time Into Higher Vibes and Abundance Mindset
  10. Overcoming Guilt and Toxicity and Releasing Toxic People
  11. Perfecting Imperfection, Going for Good Enough, Overcoming Fear

That should give you an idea that I have been all over the place. I began small and got really big fast. I wanted to get the energy moving in all of these areas I suppose. Now I need to hone in.

Where we are going:

New Focus

Now on to the next. New topics, new structure, new resolve, new focus.

I intend to work with this lesson today to find better and better ways of providing content and value to my readers. So I will let the ambling find its path a bit more. And I will include enough markers to guide you where you need to go.

And a catchy title. Yea? Always a catchy title.


Good lesson.

Now that you know I will be writing more for reader’s needs and perspectives, you’re ready to read on with my blogs without worrying about getting lost in my mess.

Get tuned in. Go for good enough. Start getting into this blog. If I can do it, so can you.

Thank you. Good night.

Blessings to you all,


DAY 13