Put People in Fear and They Will Follow You Anywhere

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Put Them in Fear…

Fear. We have talked about this before.

And recently we discussed ending the Age of the God of Fear.

Fear is rampant in the world today. It is the Age of Terrorism, after all. And this fear is so strong because it has so much history backing it.

The world as we know it today has been created in generations and civilizations built and designed around the energy of fear.

Structures are built to keep fearful things at bay. Walls protect cities from the fearful wilds of nature. Customs protect cultures who thrive on togetherness. Guns protect countries from invaders and threats.


But all of these systems and structures made in fear are only building a world that is expecting fearful things to happen. So more fearful things happen. We have in our fear created the means for self-annihilation, and to some the desire for it.

With hundreds, now thousands of years of this fearful momentum, we have found ourselves in the epitome of Fear itself. Look to the fearful places and situations all around the world today. Or even in your own life.

Whether it is poverty, famine or war, economic or political, religious or secular, so much of the world expects fearful things to happen. People have grown to expect low pay for hard work. People accept that war happens or that bombings or shootings may happen. People accept that there are those out there who are inflicting terrible tragedies upon their fellow human beings every day, and not once does anyone truly imagine a real way out of the situation.


And there is a way. But it is not as you see it. It is in a new way you must see. Your perception of things has been built on what you have come to know, and that is fear. You must see beyond fear to see the solution to fear.

…and They Will Follow You Anywhere

When a person, or a group of people, are in fear, it can be easy to sway their attention to doing whatever it is you suggest will be the solution to their fear.

If this person is the bad guy, we should focus our attention on getting him. We should stop him at all costs.

If these people are the bad ones, then let’s get them. By the way, though you might think it good to rid the world of bad people, this very excuse has been used to hunt down those of the Jewish faith for millennia.

And now these ideas are being focused on new scapegoats…. Muslims, members of the Islamic faith… And others. Anyone that can be pointed to and claimed to be the cause of all your problems becomes a fearful thing that you must contend with.

You have been put in fear on purpose. There are those with a vested interest in keeping you in fear. You are in fear because they can tell you what to do in that fearful place. They can tell you how to see the world and how you should respond to it. And these things they tell you are not your ideas. They are not from your own interest and inner knowing.


Word Art over paper background: If you put people in fear they will follow you anywhere.

To hell and back.

Fear and Control

Fear is a structure of control. Fear controls the fearful to be in the direst of fight or flight responses to the world.

In other words, when you are afraid, when you are in a fearful state only the basic instincts of survival are necessary. Your body and mind focuses all your attention on survival. And this is wise in nature to keep people, animals alive.

But this fear controls you, takes over you in order to survive. That is good and well when the tiger chases you.

But when the bills stack up in the mail. When your paycheck is late. When your spouse leaves you. When the president does this or that. When the media tells you things to be scared of. These are not good fearful, fight or flight, life or death situations to have that response to.

There should be no fear response in simply talking to a stranger, a new person in your life. Many people contend with this feeling of fear every day. The fear at this level controls your life, keeps you from doing anything out of your comfort zone, keeps you from expanding.

If you don’t expand beyond the fear, you’re not a threat to the controlling forces.

What the powers that be, those energies that have a vested interest in control, need is for people to be in fear. Fear allows control. Control allows domination.


That is a full post. Enough for now.

More on fear and the solutions to it to come.


Thank you for reading.


Questions: What fears do you contend with? What institutions and systems of control do you abide by that are controlling to you? What does that control get you to do?

Suggestion: Invoke the grid of light to help cleanse the world of the matrix of fear.


Please join the conversation in the comments below.

And share with those who will resonate with this post.

Blessings to you all,


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