The Fool Recaps It All As He Finds New Footing In the World

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The Fool In Me

I am ever a fool. And that is a good thing.

For the fool always admits that he doesn’t know it all, that there is more to learn, that all experiences can be new.

So The Fool, which is the opening card of the Tarot’s Major Arcana, begins things. Whatever it is. We always have to begin new things from the beginning, and thus we always play the fool at some point or other.

To cultivate this energy of ever-allowing newness means you will always be learning, never assuming.

So the fool in me got started with this blog 70 posts ago.

A fortuitous number: 7 for the strong spirituality aspect of this blog, and 0 for The Fool card, just discussed. For this is a turning point where I take a short departure from this site into new ventures for my life.

I wanted to touch base on where this blog has been. As much for me as for anyone reading. It will be a good touching off point for when I return.

First, Let’s Recap

I had my 30 Day Blog Challenge to initiate my writings.

This was hugely transformative for me. The first 30 days got the energy moving and my hands typing.

In that first 30 days I worked on releasing toxicity in my life; building a mentality for finding abundance with my desire to write; and I began many threads of ideas and themes to work with as I continued blogging.

Since then I have written posts about fear, the nature of control and the idea of hell.

On the other hand I wrote about the Light, releasing negativity and manifesting the Kingdom of Heaven.

I had a purging period.

And a truly wild Wild Card post yesterday.

There was a short series of poems about a gnome.

And a miniseries, The Birds of the Basin, that is nearing completion.

My personal favorite has been my Epic Adventure, The Mountain in the Clouds. This I will continue to write. It keeps calling me to my future.

For It Is Time To Face the World

I claimed at the end of the 30 day challenge that I was doing a new challenge to meditate daily. Truth be told, it didn’t go as planned. And I lost track. Oh well, I’m being easy about it. I did what I needed to, meditated where I could and now I am going to do what I feel guided to do next.

Who knows… It may be that despite how I think my second meditation challenge went,  this moment in time,  this revelation gifted to me tonight is the result of my efforts.

And that revelation is to follow through on the intentions I set in this blog. To write and to be creative and to forge the rest of my life around that, as I had always planned to since my youth.

So it is go time. Time to make a product that will actually face the masses and become a work apart from me, beyond its creator and received by the world at large.

For that is what I am lacking. Release. A release of my work, of any kind. So that is the next step I am guided to take.

Finding New Footing

I will be taking a hiatus from the blog for a while. Except as I am guided to, of course. And my epic adventure must see it’s conclusion.

I am not sure how long it will take, it matters not, but it is time to turn my laser sharp focus on a new goal: completing one project and releasing it. And then the next. And the next. And the next. That is what I want, after all.  To write and keep writing.

So I will find new footing now.

And I release all ties to this blog. The blogging can come as it needs to. I am at peace with it.

(Anyways, you have plenty to read while you wait. 70 posts to be sure.

So catch up. Stay tuned. And be easy.)


As always, thanks for reading.


Blessings to you all and my very best,


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