Please Help Me Invoke the Grid of Light Around the Earth

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The Grid of Light

I’ve been thinking about this idea for some time.

It initially began as an idea for a vlog that would describe the following meditation or intention.

To focus on a healing energy that we can all co-create with and together change the world.

The Grid of Light. To dispel the Matrix of Fear.

Without further ado…

Today’s wild card is…..!

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Please Help Me Invoke the Grid of Light All Around the Earth

Today we are going to be co-creating a force of major healing for our Earth and all who dwell on this amazing planet.

We are going to call upon our own transformation. Our own evolution.

I enjoy Sci-Fi, so I visualize scenes from Independence Day or some movie with alien invasion.

But instead of hostile aliens coming to destroy our world….

We have entities of light, beings of light, aliens who are beneficial and loving.

Instead of cannons and guns and lasers and rockets…

These friendly alien beings have a powerful technology: the Light!

Their ships are made of light. Their fuel is light. Their weaponry, if you could call it that, is made of light and shines only light.

Even their physical forms are made of light.

The brightest light there is.

All these beings are immersed in the light and live the light and are the light.

They are the Galactic Federation of Light.

They are Andromedans, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, Orions, et al.

They have come from the deepest reaches of space.

They arrive on their battleships. Battleships of light.

Armed with cannons of light.

Spaceships of all kinds, arriving all around the Earth. Battalions and legions and swarms of ships of light.

Surrounding the Earth with an armada of light ships.

There are other light beings and entities.

They are angels. They are archangels.

Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Chamuel, Zadkiel, Jophiel, Gabriel.



And more.

There are ascended masters.

Jesus. Mary. St. Germain. Melchizedek. Merlin. Buddha. Ganesha. Lady Isis. Kwan Yin. Maitreya. And others, many others.

Lord Ashtar, ascended master and head of the Galactic Federation of light, leads the multitudes.

All beings of light, come to surround the Earth in their multitudes.

Hundreds. Thousands. Tens of thousands. Hundreds of thousands.

Millions and billions of light beings from across the universe, across the galaxy.

All come to bear on the planet Earth.

From all of their hearts, from all of their ships, from all of their cannons pours an infinite and powerful light.

The Light.

A golden, white light.

This light is love. It is healing. It is purity. It is peace.

The light builds and expands.

A grid is set forth, by all the ships, all the angels, all the beings of light.

A grid of light is formed.

This grid connects all the beings of light. This grid encompasses the space around the Earth.

This grid touches the face of the Earth. The grid surrounds and covers the Earth. The grid passes through and fills the Earth.

This Grid of Light

It dispels the darkness that is fear.

The matrix of fear.

This fear matrix is heavy and dense upon the Earth.

It lurks and creeps in all places it can reach.

It touches everyone and everything, this fear.

The matrix of fear that deceives, that controls, that manipulates the masses.

This fear that is ancient and new. That has been passed down and recreated. That finds its own modern manifestations.

Manifestations born in fear are fearful.

The means for our own destruction were born in fear.

It is time to heal the fear. To lift it, to cleanse it, to bring it into the light.

The Galactic Federation of Light and the angels and the masters and all beings and entities of light and healing surround the Earth.

They co-create this grid of light.

This grid of light that coats and fills the Earth.

This grid of light that dispels the matrix of fear.

The light covers America, North and South, and Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Africa and Australia, and India and the Pacific.

The grid of light touches every place. All cities from New York to Los Angeles. From London to Madrid. From Berlin to Rome. From Moscow to Beijing. From Mumbai to Baghdad. From Egypt to Cape Town. From Rio to Sydney.

This light touches everything. The trees and the streets and the buildings and the parks and the ball fields and the malls and the museums and the theaters and the bars and the courts and the churches and the schools.

This light touches all life. Animals, plants, insects, people. Your friends, your family, your loved ones, your children. Your teachers, your doctors, your bosses and your peers.

This light coats and covers the Earth and penetrates and fills the Earth.

And everywhere it goes it dispels the darkness, the matrix of fear.

The fear cannot exist where the light shines.

All creations born in fear are being penetrated by this light.

Transformed, healed, renewed.

All institutions, all things, all creations born in fear are being worked on to lift them to new heights. To bring them into the light.

The light continues to infuse with all things, everything here on Earth.

The Galactic Federation of Light, the angels and archangels, the ascended masters and all the company of heaven are surrounding the Earth, co-creating this Grid of Light.

This healing, transformative power that is the glory of this time on Earth.

Together we can all assist this process

Please do this meditation with me. Think of this grid of light, of these beings of light.

Add your intention and your energy to the co-creation of this process.

Join with me and with more and more light workers assisting this process.

Think of this as often as you can. Remember it daily if you will. Take five seconds, five minutes, an hour, however long you wish to remember this Grid of Light.

Feel the power of the light.

Be healed by the light.

See the world in healing.

See all Earthly creation bathed in golden, healing, white light.

Thank you, God.


Please comment and add more energy to this process. I can update the post to include your favorite masters or angels or other light beings.

And do share with friends and lights workers who can assist in this process of transformation.

Continue to meditate on it often, as much as you can and whenever you can.

Together our light can transform the world.


Thank you, all.

Many blessings be to you all.