Climbing the Mountain to Gain Higher Ground

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Climbing the Mountain to Higher Ground

I was on the ledge
I saw the long fall
I can climb up the mountain
Or choose to go down

The higher I climb
The more ground I gain
But if I stumble
Back down I go

Sometimes the path leads me
Where I have to go down
But if I look closely
I can always find a higher route

I can climb up the mountain
Or choose to go down
Whatever choice I make
Will lead me where I go

I can go where I want to
It is always my choice
To go higher up
Or to go back down

The mountain has many
Possible paths
That I can get so wound up
Around the sides of the hill

That I go around in circles
Not going up or down
Not up the mountain
Not down it, not anywhere new at all

It is always my choice
To go up or go down
When I see the path before me
I make the choices I choose

I go up when I see the way
I only go down for brief moments
I rise higher and higher
And I gain new ground

I climb ever nearer the mount of the hill
The top of the mountain, the summit if you will

I see new things before me, there are shapes in the sky
Clouds of birthing new formations of newness in my life

I see the sun shining brightly, the light is so strong
That I am overcome with the feeling of God in my heart

I know the light loves me, the universe, too
I am always watched over, cared for, and loved

The love of God, the light at the top of the mountain
Pours down on me and cleanses all my worries away

I feel God’s love, I know it deeply
For God has always loved me
Forever in fact

There is a light at the top of the mountain
Keep climbing higher so you can see it
It will pour into your heart and make you believe
The love of God, the Universe, and All That Is

It is waiting for you on higher ground
Climb to the top of your mountain
Choose the paths that lead you there
Climb higher and higher

See you there


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