Living Life On the Raw and Ragged Edge

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From the Top

Welcome to another edition of Midweek Musings.

As it often happens, I was listening to Abraham Hicks and got inspired for tonight’s topic.

How to explain this for those who may not be familiar…

In a clip I listened to the other day Abraham was speaking about living life on the raw and ragged edge.

This, as it was explained, was what so many people do in their lives by keeping themselves stuck in patterns that are not working.

They live their lives on the ragged edge, being battered about by things happening around them rather than going along with ease.

The way out of this state is to get back to what Abraham calls “the vortex.” This is an energetic holding place for all that you want to have and create in your life. The sweet spot.

In other words, to get away from living life on the ragged edge means to head to the center of the vortex of everything you want. Sounds like the ideal plan to me.

Let’s Expand

The idea sizzled around in my head and became visualized in this way:
A wheel.

The wheel represents the vortex. The spinning energy swirls around the axis in the center. The axis, in a way, is the highest concentration of the energy.

What does that mean?

The center or axis of this energy is the place where all your dreams can come true and be realized.

Picture yourself as an energy body, for a moment. Allow yourself to see in your mind’s eye that you are free and weightless, floating through a space.

In this space there is a powerful energy swirling around. I see blue, you may see whatever color you desire to focus upon.

This energy is all the powerful desires you have for your life. The best lover, the greatest job, abundant financial success, the strongest of health.

All the items, small and large, that you wish to experience in your real life are, in a way, already here in this energetic holding space that you have created by wanting it. The vortex. This is still Abraham’s idea.

Let me take it further.

The Wheel

So the wheel is the vortex. A spinning blue energetic wheel of all that you want for your life.

See your astral body floating in this space towards the center, towards the axis.

Feel the energy rise as you float closer and closer to all that you want.

When you reach the center, you are in your perfection. You have and live and do and be all of the things that you set out to do when you came into this life.

This life is yours for the seizing. Head towards this energetic center of your wheel of desires and dreams.

Light up with the perfection that is and can be you in your own most realized and focused manifestational glory.

If that is what you choose, of course. There are other options.

You do not have to head towards the center and allow all of this powerful energy to transform your life.

No, you can live differently. Most people, in fact do.

The Raw and Ragged Edge

Most people live like they are on the raw and ragged edge of all that they want, being grinded by the spinning wheel rather than being drawn into the sweet spot in the center where there dreams are.

Man, I don’t want to paint an ugly picture here, but I think it suits the discussion:

I see the edge of the wheel in red, blood red. And I see a body, like a puppet or mannequin that is powerless, a body that is being grinded and spun ragged by the grating edge of a powerful stone wheel against whatever external force it rolls along: a stone wall, spikes, fire… metaphors for whatever sort of pain you may bring into your life by allowing yourself to be pummeled on the raw and ragged edge of the wheel of all that you want.

Pummeled on the edge by not going for what you want, not trying to achieve what you want. Accepting that the force of the wheel is keeping you out and keeping you ragged. Accepting that you are not enjoying the dreams and desires you have always wished for, that you are not in this energetic space that you have already prepared: the vortex, the center, the axis of the wheel.

Rather you just accept that you are always struggling.

To me, that sounds like hell.


So what do you do?

First, don’t let the wheel grind you…

By not letting fear overcome you.

Stop wasting away on the edge of life…

Do not settle for less.

Believe in what you want…

Follow your heart.

Align to your wishes, dreams and desires…

Visualize it. Believe it. Achieve it.

Be who you were meant to be, who you have always been…

Powerful. Wise. Prosperous. Joyful.

See the perfection and abundance all around you…

Accept, appreciate, and love everyone and everything.

Remake your reality as one that is just perfect for you…

Create your new life story.

Be at ease.

Be at peace.

Be well.



That is all for now.

Thank you for reading.



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