Let’s Bring an End to the Age of the God of Fear

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Age of Fear, God of Fear

Everything is made in the likeness that it is created. Every creation is built with intent. Intention comes with mental focus. Focusing upon what is desired creates energy. Energy becomes physical reality.

If there is an Age of Terrorism, then surely we are in an Age of Fear.

If we are in an Age of Fear, then we must surely have a God of Fear.

For a God of Fear would create a world in its likeness, in Fear. Because we have a God that must be feared. And so the world becomes fearful.

Perhaps you’ve heard the term, “God-fearing people?”

I believe it is used to describe people who are faithful to their God, to their religion, to their morals. In other words, good people. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, with being good people. But how do you be good people?

To be in fear, to focus in fear, only creates more fear.

But we have been in an Age of Fear for a long time

Perhaps thousands of years. Your guess is as good as mine.

And fear is natural, it is a part of animal instinct. Do not fool yourself into thinking you do not have animal instinct. We all respond to mortal danger in fear.

But unlike most of the animal kingdom, modern humans seem to live in constant fear. We find it hard to relax into the balanced perfection that is all around us, to be calm, still, and easy as we are carried by God’s love.

Because we have been put in fear by structures that seek to control us. By telling us to fear God. Because we are made broken and need to be saved by God. And only the right people, those who know best about God, can tell you what God wants for you. And this is control.

Why Would God Make Us Broken?

Many modern tellings of it say that mankind is born into “original sin.”

Why? Why would God create us in sin? Why would God create us to be broken? So that we may live our lives to fix ourselves?

That doesn’t make sense to me. Why would an all-powerful, always present, all-knowing, all-loving Creator create the world broken?

If the creation is broken, then remake it whole! That is what a loving Creator would do.

We are made whole. We are not broken. We are made the way God has fashioned us to be made. There is nothing wrong with us.

Word Art over paper background: Why would an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient God make a broken creation and then keep remaking it, broken each time?

Stop Condemning, Stop Mutilating

There are practices around the world that condemn the human from birth. They cut sensitive parts of the body at an early age.

Why does mankind mutilate God’s creation this way?

Why does mankind, in arrogance and ego, attempt to remake what God has made in perfection?

God made us how we are, God made us in perfection. God did not make us broken. We do not have to fix anything. We do not have to mutilate our bodies to make us right. We are in this way only tampering with God’s perfect creation.

Why do we torture ourselves this way?

We are not made wrong. We are made the way we are intended to be made.

Word Art over paper background: Stop condemning your body, stop condemning others’.

Who is in Fear Can Be Controlled

When you are put into fear, you can be controlled by those who frighten you.

So how did we get here? Why is there an age of fear, and condemnation, and mutilation? Who does it serve?

It serves those who wish to control. For when someone is in fear, they are easy to control.

Word Art over paper background: If you put people in fear, they are easy to control.

Fear benefits those who wish to control. Those who follow their ego. Those who do not align to God’s love.

Love is not control.

Control is born of fear.

Love dispels fear. In love, there can be no fear.

God Doesn’t Need Control, God Has Love

Fear is about control. God does not need to control. God is beyond control. Because God is All That Is.

God does not need that kind of control. Because God has Love.

Love is all that God needs to have. Love is what created All That Is. Love is all there is.

God-loving People

I propose a new term that all religious, spiritual and moral people can use:

Word Art over paper background: “God-loving people”

This makes more sense to me. This is more fitting for God, the loving creator. This reminds us that we are all God’s beloved creations.

As we love God, Gods loves us. As we focus on love, we create from love. God is a creator of love. God created all in love.

That’s why it boggles my mind to think of it otherwise…

All for now.


Thank you for reading.


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Blessings to you all,


Please Help Me Invoke the Grid of Light Around the Earth

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The Grid of Light

I’ve been thinking about this idea for some time.

It initially began as an idea for a vlog that would describe the following meditation or intention.

To focus on a healing energy that we can all co-create with and together change the world.

The Grid of Light. To dispel the Matrix of Fear.

Without further ado…

Today’s wild card is…..!

Word Art Soul Connection black text over sun in blue sky photo. Subtitle Sunday Theme: Spirituality and transformation.

Please Help Me Invoke the Grid of Light All Around the Earth

Today we are going to be co-creating a force of major healing for our Earth and all who dwell on this amazing planet.

We are going to call upon our own transformation. Our own evolution.

I enjoy Sci-Fi, so I visualize scenes from Independence Day or some movie with alien invasion.

But instead of hostile aliens coming to destroy our world….

We have entities of light, beings of light, aliens who are beneficial and loving.

Instead of cannons and guns and lasers and rockets…

These friendly alien beings have a powerful technology: the Light!

Their ships are made of light. Their fuel is light. Their weaponry, if you could call it that, is made of light and shines only light.

Even their physical forms are made of light.

The brightest light there is.

All these beings are immersed in the light and live the light and are the light.

They are the Galactic Federation of Light.

They are Andromedans, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, Orions, et al.

They have come from the deepest reaches of space.

They arrive on their battleships. Battleships of light.

Armed with cannons of light.

Spaceships of all kinds, arriving all around the Earth. Battalions and legions and swarms of ships of light.

Surrounding the Earth with an armada of light ships.

There are other light beings and entities.

They are angels. They are archangels.

Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Chamuel, Zadkiel, Jophiel, Gabriel.



And more.

There are ascended masters.

Jesus. Mary. St. Germain. Melchizedek. Merlin. Buddha. Ganesha. Lady Isis. Kwan Yin. Maitreya. And others, many others.

Lord Ashtar, ascended master and head of the Galactic Federation of light, leads the multitudes.

All beings of light, come to surround the Earth in their multitudes.

Hundreds. Thousands. Tens of thousands. Hundreds of thousands.

Millions and billions of light beings from across the universe, across the galaxy.

All come to bear on the planet Earth.

From all of their hearts, from all of their ships, from all of their cannons pours an infinite and powerful light.

The Light.

A golden, white light.

This light is love. It is healing. It is purity. It is peace.

The light builds and expands.

A grid is set forth, by all the ships, all the angels, all the beings of light.

A grid of light is formed.

This grid connects all the beings of light. This grid encompasses the space around the Earth.

This grid touches the face of the Earth. The grid surrounds and covers the Earth. The grid passes through and fills the Earth.

This Grid of Light

It dispels the darkness that is fear.

The matrix of fear.

This fear matrix is heavy and dense upon the Earth.

It lurks and creeps in all places it can reach.

It touches everyone and everything, this fear.

The matrix of fear that deceives, that controls, that manipulates the masses.

This fear that is ancient and new. That has been passed down and recreated. That finds its own modern manifestations.

Manifestations born in fear are fearful.

The means for our own destruction were born in fear.

It is time to heal the fear. To lift it, to cleanse it, to bring it into the light.

The Galactic Federation of Light and the angels and the masters and all beings and entities of light and healing surround the Earth.

They co-create this grid of light.

This grid of light that coats and fills the Earth.

This grid of light that dispels the matrix of fear.

The light covers America, North and South, and Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Africa and Australia, and India and the Pacific.

The grid of light touches every place. All cities from New York to Los Angeles. From London to Madrid. From Berlin to Rome. From Moscow to Beijing. From Mumbai to Baghdad. From Egypt to Cape Town. From Rio to Sydney.

This light touches everything. The trees and the streets and the buildings and the parks and the ball fields and the malls and the museums and the theaters and the bars and the courts and the churches and the schools.

This light touches all life. Animals, plants, insects, people. Your friends, your family, your loved ones, your children. Your teachers, your doctors, your bosses and your peers.

This light coats and covers the Earth and penetrates and fills the Earth.

And everywhere it goes it dispels the darkness, the matrix of fear.

The fear cannot exist where the light shines.

All creations born in fear are being penetrated by this light.

Transformed, healed, renewed.

All institutions, all things, all creations born in fear are being worked on to lift them to new heights. To bring them into the light.

The light continues to infuse with all things, everything here on Earth.

The Galactic Federation of Light, the angels and archangels, the ascended masters and all the company of heaven are surrounding the Earth, co-creating this Grid of Light.

This healing, transformative power that is the glory of this time on Earth.

Together we can all assist this process

Please do this meditation with me. Think of this grid of light, of these beings of light.

Add your intention and your energy to the co-creation of this process.

Join with me and with more and more light workers assisting this process.

Think of this as often as you can. Remember it daily if you will. Take five seconds, five minutes, an hour, however long you wish to remember this Grid of Light.

Feel the power of the light.

Be healed by the light.

See the world in healing.

See all Earthly creation bathed in golden, healing, white light.

Thank you, God.


Please comment and add more energy to this process. I can update the post to include your favorite masters or angels or other light beings.

And do share with friends and lights workers who can assist in this process of transformation.

Continue to meditate on it often, as much as you can and whenever you can.

Together our light can transform the world.


Thank you, all.

Many blessings be to you all.


Feeling the Call of Source Urge On My Words

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The Call of Source

This phrase has been running through my mind for days. Let me see why…

To me this concept means a lot. But I am not so sure that it means anything at all to you, whomever may be reading.

What does it sound like to you? The call of source…

Or is it Source?

What is source or Source? What does it mean, in and of itself?

Source is the beginning, it is the foundation, it is the driving energy.

In some circles Source is the same as God, or the Creator, or the Universe, or All That Is.

I don’t care what you call it, let’s just all agree on one thing: whatever word we use for God, we are all talking about the same exact thing.

Exact same

Your God is my God is everyone’s God.

Feel free to use your own name, sure. You can call things what you wish. But agree that an apple is an apple, the sky is the sky, and that God is God.

Whether you believe in God or not.

You cannot deny that the sun rises every morning.

And you cannot deny that none of us have to be responsible for that.

The creative source energy of all that is the universe is doing that by its very nature.

Call it science or religion or spiritualism or magic it’s all describing the same universe.

Different parts and in different ways


We describe the universe as in separation. Everything is apart from the other.

There is space between the parts. There is solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. There is matter and there is vacuum. There is light and dark energy. There are galaxies and there are sub-sub-sub atomic particles.

Keep looking out as far as you can see, or down as little as you can see, or deep as inwardly as you can see and you will still find more.

More mysteries to unravel. More expansion to occur. More faces of God which are just masks that we see in our attempt to visualize God in terms of the physical reality in which we live.

We cannot see the face of God but in everything and everyone around us, it is all the face of God


See your neighbors, your loved ones, your friends, strangers, all people as if they could be playing the part of God that Morgan Freeman did in Evan Almighty. God could be any one of them.

See people this way, as if any could be God, and you will see your fellow humans in transformation. And you will be at peace knowing that feeling.

I know it may be hard from certain perspectives to see a certain other as a potential candidate to be God. Some people are trying to be around.

My suggestion is to begin with a simple shortcut…


Go somewhere with a lot of kids. Kids have such high energy and connection to who they truly are, children of God, that they exude this positive vibration that can be palpable. It can be felt in the room and in the behavior of those there. Kid play spaces, indoors or outdoors, can have tremendous love and joy bouncing around them.

Now I must caution you, please don’t do this exercise and do anything weird or off putting. Be sensible about where you go and it certainly helps to have your own kids with you.

When you see each child pass you as if they are a true aspect of God, a child of God, and that each of these children has chosen to come into this life, their physical body, with their intentions and dispositions, all of their karmic debt, lessons, and paths of growth….

When you know that each child chooses to be here to be seen in their beauty, in their choice to be seen…

When you see all of their faces as the faces of God…

And you feel the love God has for all children, for all creation, for each incarnation of this energy of God, of Source, Creative Force, All That Is, whatever you wish to call it.

And you feel the love the children have for themselves, and for each other…

This is a good thing. To feel this love. This abundance of love of the Creator for all children, for all creation.

This is a good thing, to have a discussion about what we call God


Source is calling me. Source is calling you.

Listen and you will hear. Look and you will see. Know, and you will have knowledge of what divinity is.

Source is calling. Calling you forward.

The Source of all the known universe…

The Source of all creation…

The Source of all life…

The Source of all knowledge, wisdom, truth and love…

The Source of you and me and everyone you see..

The Source of your life, the Source of your next life, the Source of beyond life…

The Source of the entire fabric of the cosmos and of time and space that thing we try to call reality…

All of this is the same in the end. All of this is One.

All One.

All One.

All One.


Thank you for reading.


Please comment or share if you have time to spare

Many blessings to you all,


Wild Card Adventure: The Mountain in the Clouds, Part 7

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Gimme More Story

Second verse, same as the first!

I am repeating last week’s wild card theme because, man oh man, I am excited to find out what happens next.

Today’s wild card is…..!

Word Art Epic Adventures glowing orange text over cloudy mountain background illustration, subtext Thursday Theme: What follows is a fictional account

Read Part One First

The Mountain in the Clouds, Part Seven

There it was.

A stone wall.

I risked my life almost drowning in the watery passage that brought me here. And I followed the endless sconces along the walls of this stone tunnel. And for this?

A dead end.

The old man did warn me, I suppose. Why didn’t I listen to him?

In any case I was worn out so I took a seat on the floor, back to the wall. It was cold, as expected. And hard against my spine and sits bones. But it was a relief to have time to pause and recenter my energy.

Maybe it’s something about almost drowning that takes it out of you. Or this endless trial I set myself upon. What was it even about again?

I tried to remember how it started. How I was flown into a magnificent city in the mountains, high above the clouds. How a winged woman asked if I wanted to complete seven trials as part of some ascension process. How she brought me to the start of this labyrinthine hedge maze. And how I asked the three people for their help in solving the puzzle to reach the center.

To what end? What was at the center of the maze? What was it? My host said something about discernment, right?

Discernment. What does that mean to me? Well, I can discern that I am at the end of a long tunnel that goes nowhere. I can discern that I almost died underwater on the way here. I can discern that the old man was odd, but friendly, and he seemed… yes, he did seem truthful. I did get that sense.

So why did I ignore his advice to stay out of this passage? If he wasn’t lying, then…


It struck me then what the point of all this was again. It was about discerning who was telling the truth and who was lying.

I was going on the tip of the first man, the farmer who told me that his father saw a secret tunnel near a square pool, and that it led all the way to the center. I accepted this advice with caution at first, but when I saw the evidence of the tunnel in the pool itself, I was convinced.

Was I completely wrong about it? Did I want to believe the first man because it suited me? What about the other man? Or the woman? Which one did I truly believe?

The third man, the lovelorn treasure hunter, had told me that he already found the center of this place and that the treasure was taken. But I didn’t even know if there was a treasure in here, or if that’s what my host wanted me to find. My host never asked for a treasure.

I went with the thought that if my host wanted me to enter the labyrinth, there must be a reason. So I discounted the treasure hunter’s story as a distraction. And I just didn’t believe him, so that aside…

What about the woman? Well, that was an interesting conversation. She told me that the maze was an illusion. And so what if I were in a magical testing ground? What am I supposed to do with her advice? I can’t just walk through walls, can I?

Can I?

It struck me that it hadn’t occurred to me to try. All this time I have been following the rules I knew. I walk through the spaces I find empty before me, around walls and through doors. I never thought I could just… what if I just tried it?

Feeling some resolve, I got quickly to my feet. I paused, took a deep breath, then walked forward confidently towards the stone wall before me.


Um, no that still felt like stone. Definitely not an illusion.

Or was it a matter of how much I believed it? If I really focused on the wall not being there, maybe the illusion would lose its power over me and I could pass.

So I clapped my hands together and rubbed them briskly. Then I tapped my fingers to the sides of my head near my temples and closed my eyes. I concentrated really hard on letting go the need to believe that this stone wall were as solid as it looked. I visualized it becoming an open doorway that would let me pass through it with ease. I thought and thought really hard about it for some time, squeezing my eyelids shut so tight. Then I reached out.

It was still there. The wall was still there. Damn.

Part of me wondered if I lost the belief in it as I reached out my hands. The slow, tentative movement I made must have given away my doubts in the illusion. So the wall felt as permanent as ever.

The other part of me thought maybe this was all a ridiculous waste of time. Maybe the woman was lying herself. Maybe this place really was quite solid and real.

Yet why could I not shake the feeling that she was telling me the truth? I just didn’t know what to do with it, but it felt like she meant what she said. Every word.

It reminded me of the old man. I got the same sense from him. That he spoke truth and meant every word he said.

Still, I just didn’t know how that helped me now. Maybe I can see the truth of their statements and the lies of the others. But what now? I am here, stuck at the end of the tunnel. Do I really need to swim back through that passage and show my face at the other end? Even if I made it back again, which I had some doubts about…

I was pacing back and forth and gesticulating about as I mused through my thoughts and didn’t really think about where I was. I had completely let go of the idea of the maze or the illusion or having any control over it whatsoever.

So I can tell you I was quite surprised when I came back to my senses. As I looked down, I saw my hand sticking out from the stone wall. From the inside.

Come to find out I had paced myself straight into the illusion of the wall and turned to face the tunnel behind me.

So it was an illusion! Why did it let me through now? I wasn’t even thinking about it anymore.

I was so excited to discover this secret. I felt like I now had the skeleton key to the maze, like I could go anywhere from here on. If it were all an illusion, nothing should stop me.

So I turned back into the where the wall had been to see what lay beyond it. Beyond the illusion of the dead end.

And I saw it hurtling towards me. A large spinning wheel of spikes. It filled the passage in front of me and screamed along the walls, shooting sparks into the dim corridor.

I completely panicked and began running back the way I had come, back towards the water.

Then I stopped myself.

Wait, if I now knew that the maze was an illusion, then so must be this deadly trap.

Though it did seem quite a risk to take in order to test my brand new theory. It was a matter of life or death now. Do I get skewered or do I master this place once and for all?

My animal instinct said, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

It was hard to ignore.

But I did ignore it. I knew that I had come this far and that I seemed to be having great luck. I also felt that I had to prove that I was understanding the lesson in this challenge. The lesson is to be in my discernment. And if I may discern that the old man and the woman outside the maze were both speaking from truth, than I may believe both his warning of the danger and her knowledge of the illusion.

So I braced myself. My heart pumped a million beats per second. My whole body tensed in anticipation of the impact. I couldn’t keep my eyes closed and winced at the terrifying shriek of the trap careening towards me.

And when it got so close that the noise overwhelmed me and wanted to make me jump through the walls for safety…

Then it just passed right through me like an invisible thing.

I couldn’t congratulate myself more right then. I had passed the test.

And then I dropped through the floor. I started tumbling through a void. There was nothing there, no form or light or color at all. Just me, falling.

Ok, I thought, I get it. If it’s all illusion then none of it is here and now I am falling out of the illusion. I get the lesson. Now this has gone too far. Give me something to stand on, at least.

And so I landed. Strangely, it didn’t hurt. It felt more like the ground materialized under me because I asked for it, rather than what it might have seemed, that I fell from a great height and hit the bottom. I just landed in an easy standing position in the grass.

I noticed quickly that I was back in the maze. But I was in a new part of it that I had not seen before. There were hedge walls towering all around me, but there was also a spaciousness to this place. The hedges were fashioned more like a design than a puzzle, as if it were a garden on a nobleman’s estate.

As I turned I got more confirmation of the specialness of this place. It was a beautifully landscaped cloister, with beds of of flowers and groves of trees all around it. Everything looked fashioned after the gardens of the gods themselves. Marble columns and stone structures were built here and there, with vines of ancient wisteria lifting up and upon them, their multitudes of flowers draping off the edges. The sweet smell of lilac filled the air, and I located several bushes of them in blue and purple and pink.

Then I saw the chest. In the middle of the cloister was a mound of earth raised up like a square altar. On top of the mound was a gilded chest, ornately carved with detailed craftsmanship.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I hastened over, climbed up on the mount and lifted the lid on the chest. It was more heavy then I could have imagined and it took me some effort.

At last, I had it open and peered inside.


Great. Another trick. Was this, too, an illusion?

My only guess what that it was. But was it an illusion that the chest was empty or an illusion that there should be a treasure chest at all?

My thoughts were interrupted by a slow, steady clapping from behind me.

“Very well done,” said a familiar voice. I turned to see the old man in the brown robes, the self-declared heart of the maze.

“What is this?” I asked him, pointing at the empty chest.

“You see it as well as I do,” said the maze’s heart.

“Yes, it’s an empty chest. Why did I work so hard to get here only to find an empty chest?”

“Did you work that hard?” asked the old man. The question irritated me to no end.

“Give me a break! I went where many dare not. I chased your pet cockatrice, almost drowned in the water, and braved the spike trap that could have killed me… and you think it was easy?”

“Aha, you assume much, young man,” he chided me. “I didn’t say you did it the easy way. But did you really work that hard? Those on the outside already told you what to expect. I told you as well. And you didn’t have to fight anything or build any castles. I just mean to point out that you really did not have it that hard.”

“Ok, old man, I see what your saying. But I’m still mad about the threats to my life. So you’re the heart of this place. What does that mean? You built it? Why make it like this?”

“So that people like you may find their own way. I cannot tell you. No one can tell you your way but you. That is why you must be in your discernment. You must decide what is true for your life, and what choices you must make in your truth. You cannot be misled or discouraged by the words of others. That even included me. So I compliment you on not taking my advice earlier.” He winked then. “But I still think you were stupid not to.”

“What was I supposed to do? Just sit there and chat with you?”

“Yes, you could have. Did it ever occur to you to just be, just let it be? Sit down with one who knows, who is trying to help you, and who may impart some new awareness that may benefit your life? You didn’t even ask me the right questions.”

“Alright, old man. So let me ask. What is your name?”

“You already asked me that. I told you my answer. But for fun, why don’t you just call me The Hermit.”

“Ok, Hermit, whatever. What brought you to be here?”

“It was my choice.”

“Why? What was so bad in your life to choose to live here?”

“I didn’t say anything was bad in my life.”

“Then why live here? What was your purpose in coming here?”

“My purpose was to do what I do best. That is why I live here. To do what I am meant to do.”

“And what is that? What are you meant to do, what do you do best?”

“I have conversations with confused travelers.”

I grumbled and cast my arms to my sides. I felt like I was getting nowhere again with this guy.

“I can see you are frustrated,” said The Hermit. “It may be hard for you to understand me from your perspective. I get that.”

“So what is it, then? Why did you say you were the heart of the maze? Am I supposed to take you out of the maze?”

“I am the heart of the maze, as I told you. That means that this place was built by me. By my love for all life. My heart went into this place. It is a testing ground for those like yourself. Those who are lifting themselves to new heights. Heights that I may perceive but you must learn. And you all must learn in your own ways, from the places you are when you enter.”

“You say all. Are there others? Have there been others to succeed? You only told me about the failures.”

“Many did fail. And some succeeded. Those who brought you here, the winged ones. Some of them are among the victors.”

“Are you saying I will grow wings from after this?”

The old man showed signs of his jovial nature again, letting out an amused guffaw. “If you want wings, that may be possible. But knowing you, you’d likely disregard them and do it you own way.”

“I did that, yes. I ignored your advice to stay out of the passage. But would I have otherwise learned what I did, had I not gone?”

“Perhaps. There are many ways to learn. You found the one you needed at the time.” The Hermit squinted his eyes at me and asked, “So now, what will you do? Will you take me prisoner? Lead me out of my home, to give to your host as a prize for your triumph in here?”

I paused for a moment, thinking his question odd. When he first told me who he was and that I would need to kidnap him from the maze, I felt a moral dilemma in the thought of actually doing it. Now, it was more like a feeling that it wasn’t the truth.

“Wait,” I started to realize something. The Hermit looked on with some excitement in his eyes. I continued, “The winged woman who brought me to this challenge asked me to find the center of the maze and bring back what I found there. But she never said anything about what it was, or that I should find the heart.”

I thought longer. Then I remembered…

“You were the one who told me about the heart of the maze… Why, why deceive me?”

“I had no malicious intent,” begged The Hermit, offering open palms in supplication. “I told you the truth.”

“Yes, you told me the truth. But you asked leading questions,” I scolded him.

He shrugged, “Matter of perspective. Questions are not truths. I played my part.”

“Perhaps you’re right,” I said. “It was my choice what I did with your words.”

“Exactly. That is why it is so imperative to be in your discernment. You must decide what is true and you must decide how to act on that knowing. That is all this is about.”

“So there is nothing here, then. No treasure to bring back?”

“Who said anything about a treasure?” said the old man, flabbergasted. “Anyways, what better prize can you have than being able to discern the truth for the rest of your life?”

“Then for that, I thank you,” said I, sincerely.

“I think it’s time you are going, now,” said The Hermit and before I knew it or could even respond, the world was swirling before my vision again.

When I came out of the spell I found myself back in the city in the mountain in the clouds. And my friend was there on the edge of the plaza with a dozen winged people. And the woman who had led me into the challenge, my host, was there before me smiling broadly.

“Welcome back, traveler,” she said. “What have you brought me?”

“I have brought nothing. I found only an old man and his bird.”

“Then what have you learned?”

“I learned that I can be discerning about what is true and how to act on it.”

“Then who was telling the truth?”

I thought about this one another minute, then had my answer.

“They all were.”

She seemed surprised by my answer.

“In a way, they all were telling some version of truth, as they saw it. Or parts of their accounts were true. But the only one I believed completely was the woman. Even though it was hard to know what to do with her advice… I may have discounted it at first. But when she spoke it felt as though she meant to tell me the truth and not mislead me. Just like the old man in the maze. They spoke with the intention to be truthful. No manipulations or lies. It was only up to me to decide whether I believed any of them or not.”

“So you have learned a powerful lesson. You know that you can be in discernment and that you can be a truth seeker.”

“Yes, I suppose I have learned that.”

“Then you have passed the first trial. And you may rest for now.”

She nodded to one of the attendants, “Show the traveler to his quarters for some rest and see that he gets all he needs.”

A woman nodded and came to my side to escort me away.

Good. I was looking forward to a little rest after that.

A voice inside grumbled the thoughts I didn’t want to hear: Rest? You’re going to need it where you’re going.



Please leave comments on what you learned from this first trial. And share with friends who may enjoy the story, too.

Thanks for reading. See you next time.

Blessings to you all.


Releasing the Baggage Associated with New Age Beliefs

Word Art Wild Card Day handwritten font on illustration of cards, Subtext Friday Theme: Any theme

Ok, My First Wild Card

Thursday’s weekly theme for my blog is just what it sounds. Anything goes. Any of the week’s themes may return for fun. That, or anything is possible.

Wild card. Here goes.

What to talk about? I have had many things on my mind. Hmm…

There is one that is rearing its head at the moment, so why don’t I go with that.

I have been thinking about the words “new age.” Why? Could you guess at all from reading any of my blog posts?

Well I don’t go around claiming to be new age. I certainly don’t intend in any way to act, dress, speak or think in ways that may be called new age. But I have a sense that from some perspectives my beliefs may line up with the ideas of new ageism,

So what?

Then I started thinking about it. So what? So what if I am perceived that way? What could that mean about me? Is there some sort of baggage associated with the words “new age” that some people may mistrust?

So what? I am not responsible for creating that baggage. Just because part of my culture gives me baggage about an idea, does not mean that I have to carry it or agree with it.

It’s very likely some people look at new age ideas as somehow froo froo or mystical, therefore unbelievable, therefore bunkus. Get what I mean? Like it’s all magic and hocus pocus whenever there is no scientific data to verify it.

Some people don’t want to talk about chakras, or crystals, or angels or energy, and so on. They don’t believe in those things, don’t want to put all their faith in forces unseen.

But they can be felt. Those energies can be felt and perceived. In many different ways. We all do it. We only have to believe we can. And hone in on the energies in the ways in which we can translate it best.

I know I can’t convince a doubter, that is not my task. I am here to write and to share. And so what if some people do not agree with these ideas? We all have the choice to focus on whatever ideas we wish. I will believe what resonates with me and I will do my best to adhere to profound lessons that so-called new age concepts abound in.

Lessons of love

I mean, what’s so bad about a new age? Does it hurt anyone? Maybe a bad seed here and there started a cult and did harm. That is not a lesson in love. That is not what I am seeking. Nor should you. You must use your discernment about what lesson you are getting.

Is it a lesson in hate and separation or a lesson of love and unity?

So what’s so bad about new age? Let me return the question.

What’s so good about the old age?

I mean, if we really are on the brink of a new age, maybe even entering it, maybe even having entered it already, I think that that would be incredibly amazing truth be told. I am not afraid of a new age. I am exhilarated. Because I believe that a new age, as we have collectively imagined it, would be fantastic and magical and beautiful. It would be all the things we want and more, if we allow it in.

Allow it in. Allow the new age. Allow the kingdom of heaven to be your experience in life. Allow God to recreate everything in perfection and in love.

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Bring it on!

Bring on the new age. Fast as possible. Now, let’s just dive right into it.

Why hang back here with the old forms. The traumas and fears and sorrows of the past? Of our collective human history? Of tragedy and war and holocaust. Why continue to carry all the baggage, only to recreate it time and again? Simply because our culture demands it.

We can change our culture. We can leave the bags behind. They will not be forgotten if they are dropped. They will be memorialized in their own ways. In our collective consciousness. But to carry the bags onward only burdens us now and into the future, as long as we don’t let go our grip.

We do not the need the pains of the past any longer. We do not need to hold on to misery and grief and hate and despair. We do not need malice and deceit. We do not need power for power’s sake. All of that will be taken care of, will be healed.

When love is the predominant energy of this reality, there will be no need for the negative to recreate itself anymore. There will be healing.

Right now the negative feeds on its own created reality. It is like a virus. It replicates when it is in charge.

It is time to break the cycle. It is time to shed the old skin. It is time for a rebirth. It is time for the new age.

What could be wrong with that?

The new age can bring glory heretofore unseen by the millions, or billions. The glory that has in times past only been seen by the few may now be felt and heard from on high by all.

That is the legacy of this time. It has been known. It has been expected. Why not embrace it as it is come to be?

That is all for now.

Blessings to you all.


DAY 20




Day 19 of 30 Day Challenges

Word Art My 30 Day Blog Challenge and Self-Soothe Challenge over paper backgroundThe blog series in which I am completing my challenge from 30dayblogchallenge.com!

As well as a self-made challenge inspired by Abraham Hicks in which I self-soothe myself through negative emotion.

At the end of this 30 day journey I intend to be more fully on my life’s path, “all systems go.”

Quicker check in every day

I am actually feeling done with this 30 day challenge series, as far as continuing to update about it. I am much more excited about taking the momentum I’ve got going and begin the task of doing the blog in the way I am intending.

Which is exciting.

But, for the sake of continuity…

Day 10’s blog challenge was about seeking inspiration and maintaining your motivation to keep creating content. It was suggested that if you keep writing, the readers who resonate with the words will find the blog.

Good. Let me keep going.

Day 19 since I began my writing and my 30 day self-soothe challenge. Bit of driving frustration reared its head as I mixed up directions, thinking I knew the way. Went too far the wrong way and had to double back. Ahh, well. No use getting overly mad about it. Not like I may have in the past.

Release the need to be in control.

Be easy.

Thank you for reading. Blessings.

Perfecting Imperfection, Going for Good Enough, Overcoming Fear

Word Art My 30 Day Blog Challenge and Self-Soothe Challenge over paper background

Day 11 of 30 Day Challenges

The blog series in which I am completing my challenge from 30dayblogchallenge.com!

As well as a self-made challenge inspired by Abraham Hicks in which I self-soothe myself through negative emotion.

At the end of this 30 day journey I intend to be more fully on my life’s path, “all systems go.”


The 30 Day Blog Challenge is moving along now.

Day 2’s Challenge: overcoming fears and empowering myself as an entrepreneur.

I actually really liked this short challenge and loved the message in today’s video.

Let me address the easy part first and then the tough part.

The Easy Part

The video was great and had some major points for reframing my mindset. In the past I have held myself back simply because I was striving too much for perfection. I wanted the product, whatever it was, to be perfect before launch. Whether it was a blog post, a song, a web site, an album.

I would tinker away at these for days, weeks, months, years… Most never get completed or released. Most of them are still ongoing… Truth be told, most of them are still beginnings… Some for good reasons, most out of fear.

I mean it can be a fine line between perfecting the product and accepting it at a good enough stage when launching. Sometimes some work is needed towards the best product you can make, but you can also obsess too much on getting it right that it never goes anywhere.

And I get what the video was suggesting, which is this: just put it out there. “Go for good enough” was the key phrase. And it makes sense. Many entrepreneurs and businesses and products begin as one thing and evolve as they get better at it.

Music Theory…

I recall a story someone told me of a band they saw that was terrible. Technical issues and bad mixing and singing and performing and everyone there just thought ‘what a joke.’

Turns out years later it was a popular and successful band called Phish. They had to go through that shaky learning curve, full of errors, to get to their success. Like all of us, from toddlerhood on. Stumbling until we learn to walk.

But as I was saying, I do feel there is a fine line. There is striving for too much perfection at the expense of never sharing or releasing. But there is also some need to get very good in terms of some products. For instance movies and music and art can be that way.

If I were to go out and sing every song I wrote after the first night I wrote it, people would probably cringe (for a number of reasons: lack of rehearsal, familiarity with the words and notes, lack of confidence… even non musical people can hear an unpracticed note sung off key).

Even more so with recorded music, which should be flawlessly reproduceable on any platform you wish to listen to it: radio, stereo, car, club, etc.

Etc, etc, etc…

Or what of a movie made without great production behind it? It will likely look and sound so unpolished that it will be hard to take seriously.

Or a piece of writing in its first draft could be so filled with errors and inconsistencies that it would be rendered unreadable.

Or a beautiful work of art in its first incarnation may completely flounder…

So there is a level of crafting towards perfection. And the fine line comes to this: when can you begin to allow the product or work to be shared. Does it have to be 100%? Can it be 50, 80, 90 percent towards completion? Can it at that point begin to move the energy forward in fulfilling the work while being shared publicly? And still fine-tuned and perfected as you go?

Releasing earlier and getting the ball rolling certainly beats taking ten years to complete something to perfection before releasing. (Unless it truly is required…)

The bottom line is this, if you are holding back for good reasons, continue to craft and fine tune until it’s good enough to begin the share.

But if it is fear that holds you back, you are tinkering your time away, therefore giving away your ability to strive for your ultimate realization and find the success in whatever endeavor, passion or dream you wish to pursue.

The Tough Part… Fear…

So that brings me to fear. The other part of the challenge today.

Fear is a good place to work on my self-soothing. I have lived in fear for so long I just thought it was normal. I found myself self-soothing away some fear of my current state of finances. Yikes, let’s not go there!

I mentioned the following suggestions in the 30 Day Blog Challenge in-house discussion board. I have found them tremendously helpful in changing my fear paradigm and want to mention them at large here as well.

  • First and foremost is Paul Selig…

…who has channeled six books through his spirit guides, and I highly suggest you check them out if this post or blog resonates with you.

The topics of the books are profound and revelatory, ranging the gamut of human experience. A major theme that resonated with me is that fear has the action of creating more fear. It is like the virus that replicates itself.

Think about it. How much fear do you live in? Do you live in fear of death? Of taxes? Of paying the rent? Of your mother or mother-in-law’s judgements? Of criticism for how you dress, what you say, how you act?

Or what else?

How many things in a day do you respond to in the energy of fear? Do you watch fearful programs, as well? The Walking Dead and that sort of thing?

I used to revel in those types of stories. My God, how much fear did I want to attract to my life? No wonder I was full of fear that held me back from all the things I’ve wanted to do in life.

  • Which brings me to the second resource: Abraham Hicks

You may know her for her books or her lectures (many of which can be found on YouTube). Yea, she is the law of attraction guru, you could say. But guru is a loaded word, so leave all that baggage behind. Abraham has great wisdom to share if you are in the receiving proximity and are able to resonate with it.

The law of attraction basically is this: whatever you put your attention to, wanted or unwanted, you will get more of it. You cannot say “I don’t want fear, I don’t want fear,” and expect to get less fear. Because you are still focusing on fear. Get it? Maybe not.

I know… it took me some time to digest the ideas as well, and no one sentence or paragraph or blog I write now will clear it all up for you. I’d be naive to think it could. Not after all the words Abraham has offered over the years, most of them the same…

But it holds true. If you focus on fear you will get more fear in your life. More fearful experiences and fearful people and fearful feelings.

What would you do, if you believe this?

If you accept that this is the case, that what you focus on you will get more of, what would you rather attract? What would you rather put your attention on and bring into your life? Money? Love? Health? Wellbeing?

I know it can be hard at times. When our current life circumstances presents us with challenges that seem overwhelming, it can be a challenge to get off the subject of it.

We can get so consumed with our problems that at times we may think there can’t possibly be a solution. Especially not in simply focusing our attention on something else. After all, often our ”problem” seems to demand all of our attention.

Yet we can, if we try, focus on the things we want rather than any hardship that it currently going on in our life. We can, but we must feel it, we must believe it, and we really benefit most when we can override our problem focus with the wanted focus.

As Abraham once said, “Others are hearing me talk not about what I am worried about, but what I am looking forward to.

The key Abraham is always mentioning is to let go any resistance to allowing what we want into our lives.

That means not demanding or forcing. Demanding or forcing just reinforces the idea that we are not where we want to be and that we do not have what we want. So, to focus on not having will continue to bring us “not having.” What is asked of us is to focus on what we want and what we want alone.

Also it means trying to feel good about it. Life, what you are doing, everything.

Feeling good improves our chances of finding the best outcomes in every avenue of our life. If we feel bad, if we feel negative emotions, than we are off the path, not doing what our soul longs to do, not tuning into our own creative source.

As we feel good more of the time, then we can try to feel better and better and better. That leads us in the direction that we want to go. Feeling worse and worse will lead us that direction, too, towards worse and worse.

It is always our own choice which way we go. Up or down, better or worse, angel or devil. Get it?

There is always more to say…

Well, again, I can try to sum up decades worth of work in a few paragraphs, but I can never touch what Abraham Hicks offers through her own works. So check her out. And Paul Selig’s works, too. Excellent resources if you are trying to improve your life and become all you can be.

Look, I may be sharing these tips, I am no master at it. I am still a student of these works in a big way. I know that I am still working on creating from a better focus myself.

So this is me allowing myself to go for good enough. I have enough to offer now without perfecting anything. So I write and I post where I am with it now.

In fact I feel like that is exactly what this blog and this challenge has done for me as a whole. It has put me in a place of vulnerability where everything is sort of shaky and unclear and unfinished, yet I am publishing anyways. So props to myself. Kudos, me. Shake my own hand. Pat on my back.

I’m feeling better.


That’s all for tonight. Hope you enjoyed and please comment and share.

Blessings to you all,


DAY 12

How Accepting the Process Can Lead You to Inspiration

Word Art My 30 Day Blog Challenge and Self-Soothe Challenge over paper background

Day 6 of 30 Day Challenges

The blog series in which I am completing my challenge from 30dayblogchallenge.com!

As well as a self-made challenge inspired by Abraham Hicks in which I self-soothe myself through negative emotion.

At the end of this 30 day journey I intend to be more fully on my life’s path, “all systems go.”


The 30 Day Blog Challenge seems to be on permanent hold.

So I continue Self-Soothing for Day 6. And still writing.

What happened today. Well, work was slow. Very slow. But it did give me time to take care of a couple things. Renewed my license. And tried another go at the touch-up paint.

What a difference a day makes.

Feeling fresh and calm and in alignment with the knowing that I could improve the look of the key mark on my car, I went to work with the paint pen. The paint was actually coming out! And filling the crack!

Well, most of the way. I am starting to think the cold might be affecting the process, for the longer I went at it the harder it got, just like yesterday. So I am accepting it as the process it is, slow and steady. I will work at it as I am called to it and I won’t let myself get caught up in the need to have it finished.

I release the need to have everything finished right now.

That kind of attitude goes a long way for a lot of things, probably most things in life. I mean, don’t you agree? Even the supposed small things in life can take days to resolve, for one reason or the other.

  • A hold-up on a purchase because you need to return it and reorder the right size, while also shipping back the original.
  • A paint job that takes coat after coat and some learning along the way in maximizing your painting effort.
  • An IT holdup that is delaying the progress on a project.

Or big things can take weeks, months, or years:

  • Planning and hoping for a career change or new business venture or new sources of income.
  • Preparing for a move, seeking new residence and working towards getting everything lined up in time.
  • Don’t get me started on legal matters. I am sure if you have had any experience here you will know just what I mean.

These kinds of slow processes, among a million others, can bog us down if we let them.

I know I am exaggerating, but sometimes it feels like s million. As if there are always loose ends in life

Actually that seems to be how it is most of the time. Constantly working on loose ends, trying to develop the next new little threads of expansion into some new product of creation..

Continue creating and continue tying up loose ends

I don’t feel like I have as much to write about today, and I am tired. I’ve been keeping myself up late writing. Which is good. It’s fun. It’s the best time I have found to do so lately. But I need to pull back and write earlier I think. And get more sleep.

But I Have More To Write

Another song’s vocal part edited down. Two days, two songs. Nice. This was the song about love. Remember that discussion from yesterday?

Also, I found some inspiration today. A blue heron. I love watching animals, especially when they seem magical and rare. I mean, squirrels and crows and the like are common around here. Hell, I even see turkey vultures almost daily.

But animals like chipmunks and hawks and foxes and herons are seen more rarely. Magical moments. Something about seeing a blue heron standing still on one leg, wind rustling his feathers is so unique. There is an air of grace and elegance about it.

So it inspired me. Reminded me of a race of sentient bird people in my fantasy world. Watchers of the world. Birds of all types. But something about herons makes me want to place them in positions of leadership and power in that world.

So the blue heron brought me to that magical place and fueled my mind with visions and stories. Reminded my again how endless and abundant my creative mind, thanks to God, really is. Infinite words and infinite worlds and infinite stories.

So why shouldn’t I get infinitely provided for? I mean money! Millions, infinite millions.

Yea, I am working on my financial abundance energy. You can scoff at it if you wish, if you don’t buy into that sort of stuff. And you can stay happily broke or happy “just getting by.” Me, I have always wanted to live with financial freedom, to eat out and to travel the world, and to help the world, too.

I’m certainly not going for lavish just for the sake of showiness, by any means. But I do wish to enjoy all the riches life has to offer.

And why shouldn’t I? Why should’t anyone? Why do people get scolded for wanting wealth and abundance and prosperity?

People don’t get scolded for being healthy. And you can’t be sick enough to make others healthy. Likewise you can’t be broke enough to help others prosper.

It is our divine right to enjoy wealth and abundance. God has given it us us. It’s up to us to allow into our lives.

Millions of words. Millions of ideas. Millions of stories. Millions of dollars.

Why not?

OK, time to sleep. Dreams of abundance. Dreams of wealth. Dreams of magic.

Blessings to you all.



How I Began My 30 Day Blog Challenge, and Added My Own

Word Art My 30 Day Blog Challenge and Self-Soothe Challenge over paper background

Day 1 of 30 Day Challenges

The blog series in which I am completing my challenge from 30dayblogchallenge.com!

As well as a self-made challenge inspired by Abraham Hicks in which I self-soothe myself through negative emotion.

At the end of this 30 day journey I intend to be more fully on my life’s path, “all systems go.”


Hi. That is a start. An introduction. My first blog post and the start of a new chapter in my life.

This is also the first day of my 30 Day Blog Challenge, which I am doing through 30dayblogchallenge.com with the help of Matt. This challenge is meant to guide me through a process of starting my blog and making it successful.

At the same time, I was inspired recently to do another 30 day challenge of a sort. So I thought I would combine the two and get the process rolling all at once. My smart girlfriend suggested I write my experience for my blog! She’s so clever.

So what’s the second 30 day challenge? Well, it’s sort of my own design, but was inspired by something I heard recently. I have been listening to a lot of Abraham Hicks on YouTube. There are countless ones out there, and for those of you who are familiar, you know what I mean.

In one of my current favorites, Abraham suggests a sort of self-soothing concept. It goes a bit like this: if you have a toddler learning how to walk, you don’t scold them into better behavior. You understand that they are in the process of learning and that they need support, encouragement, guidance, and comfort.

In the same way, Abraham suggests we take this approach to ourselves. Instead of beating ourselves up over our shortcomings or failings, or perceived failings, that we be more kind to ourselves. That we see challenges as lessons for growth and soothe ourselves, soothe our way through them.

Inspire Me, Abraham

Abraham does not exactly suggest a challenge, but does suggest taking 30 days to self-soothe and see at the other end of the process how much your life changes for the better. Because as you soothe your way through life, life presents more soothing situations. I mean, if you’d rather attract more challenge, keep on yelling at the world. That is your choice, too.

So it made me think. I will take Abraham up on this suggestion and do a 30 Day Self-Soothe Challenge for my own highest good.

The intention goes like this: any time I find myself frustrated, angry, hard of myself, or otherwise down and not in a good feeling place, I will self-soothe myself. I actually picture it very much like the example she gave of the toddler. Only the toddler is me, my inner child. I think of my own two young children and how I would talk to them if they were upset.

So starting today and for the next 30 days, whenever I feel frustrated or upset I will think to myself soothing things. For example I will say in my mind, “It’s OK, Matthew. Don’t worry. Everything is OK. It will all work out. Be calm. Be easy. Feel better. It’s OK.”

Shaky Start, to be expected

So how was my progress this first day? Well, to be honest, a bit shaky. I actually found myself frustrated a handful of times, more than an average day.

Like the drive to work this morning in which I was running late and got stuck at every light and behind all the slow cars. Yea, I cursed for a few minutes. Then I self-soothed and felt better.

I work in massage and found myself tired and achy at times, feeling a bit low about my work. It can be exhausting in so many ways. So I self-soothed through the down moments and continued working.

This evening was to be my big start at blogging. Yet I had some technical difficulties in setting up the blog and starting the challenge.

Something about technology and computers can get me so flustered and frustrated, even though I have extensive years using computers. After all my dad is a computer programmer and my two brothers got me involved in the internet before people knew what the internet was.

Well I had my tantrum, shouting at the website not working. Then I self-soothed, calmed down and chatted Bluehost for help. That solved my problem.

And here I am now. Beginning my blog.

Day 1 of my two 30 day challenges.

I hope this finds interested readers who wish to follow my journey in these challenges. I know the page is new and no one knows of it, so maybe the ethers alone will follow me for now. But I hope the energy I put into this will begin the momentum I need to take this next step in my life. To pursue my dreams of writing and creativity and healing and spirituality. I have so much to offer and so many words. So I begin now.

Wish me luck as I do this 30 Day Blog Challenge and 30 Day Self-Soothe Challenge.

Hope to see you in a better place at the other end of these 30 days.

Blessings to you all.