Put People in Fear and They Will Follow You Anywhere

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Put Them in Fear…

Fear. We have talked about this before.

And recently we discussed ending the Age of the God of Fear.

Fear is rampant in the world today. It is the Age of Terrorism, after all. And this fear is so strong because it has so much history backing it.

The world as we know it today has been created in generations and civilizations built and designed around the energy of fear.

Structures are built to keep fearful things at bay. Walls protect cities from the fearful wilds of nature. Customs protect cultures who thrive on togetherness. Guns protect countries from invaders and threats.


But all of these systems and structures made in fear are only building a world that is expecting fearful things to happen. So more fearful things happen. We have in our fear created the means for self-annihilation, and to some the desire for it.

With hundreds, now thousands of years of this fearful momentum, we have found ourselves in the epitome of Fear itself. Look to the fearful places and situations all around the world today. Or even in your own life.

Whether it is poverty, famine or war, economic or political, religious or secular, so much of the world expects fearful things to happen. People have grown to expect low pay for hard work. People accept that war happens or that bombings or shootings may happen. People accept that there are those out there who are inflicting terrible tragedies upon their fellow human beings every day, and not once does anyone truly imagine a real way out of the situation.


And there is a way. But it is not as you see it. It is in a new way you must see. Your perception of things has been built on what you have come to know, and that is fear. You must see beyond fear to see the solution to fear.

…and They Will Follow You Anywhere

When a person, or a group of people, are in fear, it can be easy to sway their attention to doing whatever it is you suggest will be the solution to their fear.

If this person is the bad guy, we should focus our attention on getting him. We should stop him at all costs.

If these people are the bad ones, then let’s get them. By the way, though you might think it good to rid the world of bad people, this very excuse has been used to hunt down those of the Jewish faith for millennia.

And now these ideas are being focused on new scapegoats…. Muslims, members of the Islamic faith… And others. Anyone that can be pointed to and claimed to be the cause of all your problems becomes a fearful thing that you must contend with.

You have been put in fear on purpose. There are those with a vested interest in keeping you in fear. You are in fear because they can tell you what to do in that fearful place. They can tell you how to see the world and how you should respond to it. And these things they tell you are not your ideas. They are not from your own interest and inner knowing.


Word Art over paper background: If you put people in fear they will follow you anywhere.

To hell and back.

Fear and Control

Fear is a structure of control. Fear controls the fearful to be in the direst of fight or flight responses to the world.

In other words, when you are afraid, when you are in a fearful state only the basic instincts of survival are necessary. Your body and mind focuses all your attention on survival. And this is wise in nature to keep people, animals alive.

But this fear controls you, takes over you in order to survive. That is good and well when the tiger chases you.

But when the bills stack up in the mail. When your paycheck is late. When your spouse leaves you. When the president does this or that. When the media tells you things to be scared of. These are not good fearful, fight or flight, life or death situations to have that response to.

There should be no fear response in simply talking to a stranger, a new person in your life. Many people contend with this feeling of fear every day. The fear at this level controls your life, keeps you from doing anything out of your comfort zone, keeps you from expanding.

If you don’t expand beyond the fear, you’re not a threat to the controlling forces.

What the powers that be, those energies that have a vested interest in control, need is for people to be in fear. Fear allows control. Control allows domination.


That is a full post. Enough for now.

More on fear and the solutions to it to come.


Thank you for reading.


Questions: What fears do you contend with? What institutions and systems of control do you abide by that are controlling to you? What does that control get you to do?

Suggestion: Invoke the grid of light to help cleanse the world of the matrix of fear.


Please join the conversation in the comments below.

And share with those who will resonate with this post.

Blessings to you all,


Negativity Creates Toxicity, But Only You Control How You Deal With It

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Toxic Waste

The topic of toxicity has come up before.

Previously I have described toxic people as weeds in a garden. A gardener may well wish to rid the garden of the weeds because they take up space for more desired plants.

There are toxic plants, poisonous plants. There are living things that seep toxic energy, toxic residue into and around their environment. In fact these living things are designed that way. A poisonous plant is supposed to be poisonous.

So a toxic plant does not think ill of itself. It is the gardener, the farmer, the tender of the land who may see it as bad. That is because of the negative impact that the toxicity may have.

A response to the toxic plant may be to remove it. Or if rampant enough, remove yourself from the vicinity of it.

The same is true of any toxic waste. Whether it comes from a plant, your mom, a friend, a lover, your city, your country, whatever. Toxic waste, toxic residue, toxic energy spreads among its environment and damages it from the inside. Which is the purpose of the toxicity.

Do you give your own life away to any toxic energies?

Negative Crap

Cut the negative crap.

Seriously. Negative crap is so toxic.

To focus upon negativity only brings more negativity into your life. To worry and fear and feel ashamed, guilty and angry brings more of these negative experiences into your vision of reality. You attract what you put your attention to.

So stop attracting negative crap. When you become a negative crap magnet, you may turn yourself into a toxic thing. You gather so much negativity, negative thinking, negative talking that you build a world around you in negativity. And those who are near you and enable your toxicity will help co-create the negativity you are focused upon.

Negativity is toxicity. Negativity feeds toxicity, creates toxicity, builds toxicity from the ground up.

Stop thinking negative thoughts. Stop thinking the worst. Stop even thinking of the bad.

There is an antidote…

Cleanup Crew Needed

Cleanup on aisle “energy body.”

You are more than your physical body. Your energy body, your whole system, is your experience of reality.

As you eat your body retains properties of the food you ingest. Likewise, as you take on energy, your own energy system takes on elements of that energy that is coming to you.

You can choose to let this energy, this outside energy, affect your system or not.

When someone approaches you with negativity and you dive in and join them in the negativity pool, you may well take on more negative energy in your system. This is not meant to scare you. But it should be fair warning. The more negative energy you take on, the more you will be focusing on it. And the more you focus on it, the more you will find.


Like attracts like. Water seeks its level.

Do you want to be the water or the gold rising out of the water?


So how do you stop negativity? How do you clean it up? How do you rise above it in positive ways?

First, you may choose in any moment to stop the negative energy at the door. Do not go into relationship with it. Do not engage with it. Ignore it, block it, clear it.

And you may always call upon the light to cleanse your body and your energy system. You can sage, smudge, clear your auras, use crystals, sea salt, anything that helps you cleanse your energy system. Do this any time you find negative, toxic energy coming at you.


Be in your discernment as it comes and don’t let negativity in, don’t let it build.


But if you find yourself contending with negativity again, remember always to clear it. You shower your body after a day of gathering dirt. You may also clear your aura after any day of dealing with negative frequencies of energy that you come into contact with.

Instead, continue to rise and lift, think the positive thoughts. Think of joy and love and peace and ease and prosperity. Continue to put your focus towards those feelings, those energies and you will create your world in that way.

Rise above negativity, protect and clear your system, and create your world anew in the best ways you can focus upon.

That is all for now.


We hope these words will find those who need them. Please comment if this resonated with you or if you need any clarity.

And share with others who may find this interesting.


Thank you for reading.


Blessings to you all,


I AM Not Who You Say I Once Was

Word Art Midweek Musings green text over blue-yellow background and Subtitle Wednesday Theme: May my guides reveal the way

I Decide

That I am not who you say I am.

That I am who I am.

That I am who I say I am.

That I am who I choose to be.

That I am what I say and think and do.

That I Am No Longer Willing

To put up with bullshit.

To adhere to structures of control.

To be placed in guilt and shame and fear.

To give my power away to others.

To hold myself accountable to others’ opinions of me.


Word Art Paul Selig Quote from The Book of Knowing and Worth: “I decide that I am no longer willing to limit my expression by what I was told I once was.”

To Limit My Expression

By allowing others to tell me how to live.

By conforming to rules of conduct that are controlling to me.

By living in fear or worry or shame.

By accepting myself in my sense of smallness.

By hiding my true self from the world.

By What I Was Told I Once Was

I am not that time I did that.

I am not the one who says what I said then.

I am not the one who is being punished by guilt.

I am not your condemnation, judgement or hate.

I am not who you say I am.


I AM who I AM and all that I AM is what I AM.


Please share and comment.

Thank you for reading.


Blessings to you all,


Feeling the Call of Source Urge On My Words

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The Call of Source

This phrase has been running through my mind for days. Let me see why…

To me this concept means a lot. But I am not so sure that it means anything at all to you, whomever may be reading.

What does it sound like to you? The call of source…

Or is it Source?

What is source or Source? What does it mean, in and of itself?

Source is the beginning, it is the foundation, it is the driving energy.

In some circles Source is the same as God, or the Creator, or the Universe, or All That Is.

I don’t care what you call it, let’s just all agree on one thing: whatever word we use for God, we are all talking about the same exact thing.

Exact same

Your God is my God is everyone’s God.

Feel free to use your own name, sure. You can call things what you wish. But agree that an apple is an apple, the sky is the sky, and that God is God.

Whether you believe in God or not.

You cannot deny that the sun rises every morning.

And you cannot deny that none of us have to be responsible for that.

The creative source energy of all that is the universe is doing that by its very nature.

Call it science or religion or spiritualism or magic it’s all describing the same universe.

Different parts and in different ways


We describe the universe as in separation. Everything is apart from the other.

There is space between the parts. There is solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. There is matter and there is vacuum. There is light and dark energy. There are galaxies and there are sub-sub-sub atomic particles.

Keep looking out as far as you can see, or down as little as you can see, or deep as inwardly as you can see and you will still find more.

More mysteries to unravel. More expansion to occur. More faces of God which are just masks that we see in our attempt to visualize God in terms of the physical reality in which we live.

We cannot see the face of God but in everything and everyone around us, it is all the face of God


See your neighbors, your loved ones, your friends, strangers, all people as if they could be playing the part of God that Morgan Freeman did in Evan Almighty. God could be any one of them.

See people this way, as if any could be God, and you will see your fellow humans in transformation. And you will be at peace knowing that feeling.

I know it may be hard from certain perspectives to see a certain other as a potential candidate to be God. Some people are trying to be around.

My suggestion is to begin with a simple shortcut…


Go somewhere with a lot of kids. Kids have such high energy and connection to who they truly are, children of God, that they exude this positive vibration that can be palpable. It can be felt in the room and in the behavior of those there. Kid play spaces, indoors or outdoors, can have tremendous love and joy bouncing around them.

Now I must caution you, please don’t do this exercise and do anything weird or off putting. Be sensible about where you go and it certainly helps to have your own kids with you.

When you see each child pass you as if they are a true aspect of God, a child of God, and that each of these children has chosen to come into this life, their physical body, with their intentions and dispositions, all of their karmic debt, lessons, and paths of growth….

When you know that each child chooses to be here to be seen in their beauty, in their choice to be seen…

When you see all of their faces as the faces of God…

And you feel the love God has for all children, for all creation, for each incarnation of this energy of God, of Source, Creative Force, All That Is, whatever you wish to call it.

And you feel the love the children have for themselves, and for each other…

This is a good thing. To feel this love. This abundance of love of the Creator for all children, for all creation.

This is a good thing, to have a discussion about what we call God


Source is calling me. Source is calling you.

Listen and you will hear. Look and you will see. Know, and you will have knowledge of what divinity is.

Source is calling. Calling you forward.

The Source of all the known universe…

The Source of all creation…

The Source of all life…

The Source of all knowledge, wisdom, truth and love…

The Source of you and me and everyone you see..

The Source of your life, the Source of your next life, the Source of beyond life…

The Source of the entire fabric of the cosmos and of time and space that thing we try to call reality…

All of this is the same in the end. All of this is One.

All One.

All One.

All One.


Thank you for reading.


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Many blessings to you all,


Living Life On the Raw and Ragged Edge

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From the Top

Welcome to another edition of Midweek Musings.

As it often happens, I was listening to Abraham Hicks and got inspired for tonight’s topic.

How to explain this for those who may not be familiar…

In a clip I listened to the other day Abraham was speaking about living life on the raw and ragged edge.

This, as it was explained, was what so many people do in their lives by keeping themselves stuck in patterns that are not working.

They live their lives on the ragged edge, being battered about by things happening around them rather than going along with ease.

The way out of this state is to get back to what Abraham calls “the vortex.” This is an energetic holding place for all that you want to have and create in your life. The sweet spot.

In other words, to get away from living life on the ragged edge means to head to the center of the vortex of everything you want. Sounds like the ideal plan to me.

Let’s Expand

The idea sizzled around in my head and became visualized in this way:
A wheel.

The wheel represents the vortex. The spinning energy swirls around the axis in the center. The axis, in a way, is the highest concentration of the energy.

What does that mean?

The center or axis of this energy is the place where all your dreams can come true and be realized.

Picture yourself as an energy body, for a moment. Allow yourself to see in your mind’s eye that you are free and weightless, floating through a space.

In this space there is a powerful energy swirling around. I see blue, you may see whatever color you desire to focus upon.

This energy is all the powerful desires you have for your life. The best lover, the greatest job, abundant financial success, the strongest of health.

All the items, small and large, that you wish to experience in your real life are, in a way, already here in this energetic holding space that you have created by wanting it. The vortex. This is still Abraham’s idea.

Let me take it further.

The Wheel

So the wheel is the vortex. A spinning blue energetic wheel of all that you want for your life.

See your astral body floating in this space towards the center, towards the axis.

Feel the energy rise as you float closer and closer to all that you want.

When you reach the center, you are in your perfection. You have and live and do and be all of the things that you set out to do when you came into this life.

This life is yours for the seizing. Head towards this energetic center of your wheel of desires and dreams.

Light up with the perfection that is and can be you in your own most realized and focused manifestational glory.

If that is what you choose, of course. There are other options.

You do not have to head towards the center and allow all of this powerful energy to transform your life.

No, you can live differently. Most people, in fact do.

The Raw and Ragged Edge

Most people live like they are on the raw and ragged edge of all that they want, being grinded by the spinning wheel rather than being drawn into the sweet spot in the center where there dreams are.

Man, I don’t want to paint an ugly picture here, but I think it suits the discussion:

I see the edge of the wheel in red, blood red. And I see a body, like a puppet or mannequin that is powerless, a body that is being grinded and spun ragged by the grating edge of a powerful stone wheel against whatever external force it rolls along: a stone wall, spikes, fire… metaphors for whatever sort of pain you may bring into your life by allowing yourself to be pummeled on the raw and ragged edge of the wheel of all that you want.

Pummeled on the edge by not going for what you want, not trying to achieve what you want. Accepting that the force of the wheel is keeping you out and keeping you ragged. Accepting that you are not enjoying the dreams and desires you have always wished for, that you are not in this energetic space that you have already prepared: the vortex, the center, the axis of the wheel.

Rather you just accept that you are always struggling.

To me, that sounds like hell.


So what do you do?

First, don’t let the wheel grind you…

By not letting fear overcome you.

Stop wasting away on the edge of life…

Do not settle for less.

Believe in what you want…

Follow your heart.

Align to your wishes, dreams and desires…

Visualize it. Believe it. Achieve it.

Be who you were meant to be, who you have always been…

Powerful. Wise. Prosperous. Joyful.

See the perfection and abundance all around you…

Accept, appreciate, and love everyone and everything.

Remake your reality as one that is just perfect for you…

Create your new life story.

Be at ease.

Be at peace.

Be well.



That is all for now.

Thank you for reading.



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And feel free to leave comments or ask questions for more clarity.

Blessings to you all,


From Fear to Fun and Back Again

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Last Week We Talked About Fear

Last week we talked about fear.

And this week we will talk about the opposite of fear:


I know, traditionally fun is not considered the direct opposite of fear.

But why not?

To be in the feeling of fun means you are not feeling fear.

At least I hope not. I don’t know what kind of fun you are having…

Oh, sure. Ok, a scary movie or a roller coaster ride. That can feel like fun and fear at the same time.

Which maybe makes the point more clearly. The two are ends of a single pole. To feel fear and fun in a movie or ride or what-have-you means you are tittering from one end of the pole to the other. From fear to fun and back again.

From fear to fun and back again

I used to like fearful things.

I used to think if I really set my mind to it I could make a truly terrifying horror movie.

I still think I could. If I set my mind to it. If I am having fun with it.

But I no longer find the fearful stuff as much fun. Because I do not want to be in fear. I’d rather be in fun.

I’d rather stick to the fun end of the pole rather than the fearful one.

Having Fun

Last night I posted from a low feeling place that I had to work my way back out of. And I did.

In fact I am proud of myself for finding new ways to bring myself out of that feeling. In the past I may have not gotten out so easily or at all. At least not for some time.

Until I got back to some fun.

Fun has a way of making life feel more exuberant and joyful. Of course it does. Isn’t that the definition of fun? To be living joyfully and exuberantly?

Well, ok, not exactly.

But it should be.

Getting my mind off it

The biggest thing I remembered last night is something Abraham Hicks always talks about, too.

Whenever you get so intent on accomplishing something, no matter how good it is or how important it is to you, you can get overwhelmed with the focus of getting it done.

Sometimes it is just a good idea to take your mind off of the subject.

Get your mind out of the way. Give it a break. Let is rest. Turn the gears off. Allow for new mental processings and new ideas to begin to form.

When you get so focused on accomplishing and doing something a particular way, you set yourself to get there through that means and no other.

That may easily set you up for failure. Most likely does and has and will.

It is far better to allow for the possibility that anything is possible and that the task at hand can be done in any number of ways.

I wanted to mention a slogan for a peanut buttery chocolate cup candy but think I could get sued for it.

There’s no one way to…

Do you believe that anything is possible?

That you can get to some place, any place, in many different ways?

If you can even begin to believe that, you must understand that the way you are trying to force your life to go does not have to be the only way for it to go.

Open yourself to possibilities.

When anything is possible, life unfolds in miraculous ways. Really. Believe it and you will see it.

So I had to get myself out of my own way


Last night was a build up of tension and resistance to allowing my life to unfold in the ways I believe it can.

I was trying to force my way ahead. I was trying to know the answers and know the path.

And I was trying to push it faster than it could go. To do too much too soon.

I was reminded to let it go. Allow it to be. Get my mind off of it.

So I did. Today I didn’t try to have any answers. I didn’t try to figure anything out. I didn’t try to accomplish anything but distraction from my worries.

I just played and enjoyed creative exploration with my children and thought about fictional stories and plot ideas and drove to new places and discovered new beauty right here in my local area.

And I did not worry. And I had a great day.


So much easier without the stress and tension of feeling the weight of a dozen or a hundred or a thousand unfinished tasks at hand. I didn’t even look at my to-do list.

Now, the magic is happening. The writing is flowing.

And now it is done. Time for more distraction as intended:

Time to edit some vocals.

Music time.

Peace out.


Thank you for reading.


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Blessings to you all.


Do Not Go in There, Rise Above Fear

Word Art Midweek Musings green text over blue-yellow background


The word itself evokes strong feelings.

Indeed, fear can feel overwhelming.

Fear can cripple action and turn heads in terror.

Fear can feel palpable and all around.

Yet fear is manageable.

Fear can be kept at bay.

Fear can be mitigated.

It can be transformed.

Do not fight fear, you only invite more fear to fight.

Instead, it can be risen above.

Rise Above

Rise above fear.

Do not go down there. Down there is fear

Above it is the light.

Rise to the light.

Rise to a higher level of seeing.

A place that knows no fear.

A place that is free from fear.

A place of knowing that the light is there.

Always the light is there.

Rise to the light and do not see fear.

If fear pries at the window of light, it is turned away by the light.

For fear does not like the light.

Fear runs in fear of the light.

Fear’s only fear is the light.

When the light denies the fear power, the fear weakens.

When the fear weakens, it runs.

The fear runs away.

Do not go in there

The darkness is where fear holds power.

Not the dark of the night.

The dark of your heart.

Do not go in there.

When you reside in fear, you feel fear and you see fear.

When you hold the light, you shine the light and you feel no fear.

You must know that you hold the light.

You hold the light within your heart.

Shine the light on the dark.

Shine the light on the fear.

Do not go where fear is.

Do not go in there.


Go where the light is.

Rise to the light.

Hold the light.

Be the light.


Thank you for reading.


Blessings to you all,


Midweek Musing: One, Two, Three

Word Art Midweek Musings green text over blue-yellow background


I decided to try this new thing. One, two, three. Just to see.


Let’s go.

I am musing again. It’s Wednesday. I have dealt with some things today. But I feel easy about it. The musing I have been enjoying mostly today is the writing. I get more and more excited to sit down with the words every day, usually at day’s end in the comfort of my home.

The words are magic. They can do what I tell them. They can leap and bound across the page. But I do not feel that I force them. The words I find are ones I have tuned into just as I need to. They are vibrations in energy that are passing through my energy receiver system and funneling out through my hands onto the screen.

This is resonance. This is alignment. This is the creative energy of the universe. This is the connection to the divine. This is inspiration. This is what it’s all about.


Second verse, same as the first.

Reminds me of a song I heard when I was young. Only the song was much older than that. A vinyl record at my grandmother’s house. It was Herman’s Hermits, who sang in this classic 60’s British rock style and heavy Cockney accents: “I’m Henry the 8th I am. Henry the 8th I am, I am.”

My siblings and I played the tune on the record machine. Yea, one of the old ones. From back in the day. Not the brand new one you might have picked up recently if you got back into vinyl.

Anyway, we cracked up hysterically at the song the entire time. We must have played it the rest of the afternoon, laughing all the while. Tremendous energy from something so simple. It was good, it was fun, it was music and it was humor. Just joy.

And the band said, “Second verse, same as the first,” and repeated exactly the same verse again as promised.

Sometimes it’s nice to promise something and deliver on it. And to have fun all the while helps.



That’s going well. Simple. Write for writing’s sake, right? Speak and be spoken through.

Well, it is a matter of perspective, isn’t it? Are the words we speak and write our words, or God’s? Where do they come from?

Oh, yea, our mind, right? What is the mind? Is that something God created, too?

Oh, now you don’t know? Or maybe you do. Natural selection made the mind over millions of years? Yea, and so did God, right?

I mean, why should God act like God isn’t? If it takes millions or billions of years for vibrations and creations to change and evolve, why would God need to rush it?

Ok, I don’t know if you’re following me, here. I hope you are. I don’t mean to step on anybody’s beliefs here. I wanted to say toes, but I wouldn’t want to step on your toes either. I go for no blows whenever I can. Weave and bob is more my style.

For real.

I just want to express the ideas as they come. Maybe they are helpful. Maybe they give perspective.

I don’t know. I’m not the expert, am I?

You tell me what you think. Are the words we use our own, or are they God’s? Which words?

Please comment below and share this so more can be involved in the conversation.

Thanks to you all and thank you, God.

Blessings to you,


DAY 25




Day 24 of 30 Day Challenges

Word Art My 30 Day Blog Challenge and Self-Soothe Challenge over paper backgroundThe blog series in which I am completing my challenge from 30dayblogchallenge.com!

As well as a self-made challenge inspired by Abraham Hicks in which I self-soothe myself through negative emotion.

At the end of this 30 day journey I intend to be more fully on my life’s path, “all systems go.”


Nothing of too much note in my 30 day challenges.

For the blog it was about lead magnets. This is a method of enticing readers to want to sign-up for my newsletter by offering something free up front. This sounds like a great idea and I definitely intend to put it into place. Whenever I can come up with a good lead magnet that will work for me and my content. Stay tuned.

As for my self-soothing work, I continue to feel more at ease like I did yesterday. Even having my children all day which can test me. Even having to be in semi-contact with some toxic people and places. I just focus on ease, and not letting anyone’s thoughts or feelings towards me, or their need to control me, have anything to do with what I am doing from my own place of knowing and truth. Whew. Good. Feeling good.

Thank you. Blessings.

Midweek Musing: Meandering My Musts, Moving My Mind

“The only thing one can give an artist is leisure in which to work. To give an artist leisure is actually to take part in his creation.” -Ezra Pound, poet

Word Art Midweek Musings green text over blue-yellow background

A Wednesday Full of Thoughts

Mystic Meanderings. I had considered calling Wednesday’s weekly theme that. Or a handful of other derivations on that or my current choice.

Midweek Musings. Just musing away. Musing my time.

Musing all the way.

Oh what fun it is it to write a musing article.

Inside joke there if your mind started playing a familiar tune… a song you likely know well. Try again?

Comment below if you know the song!

Meandering my way down the stream. Merrily musing my musts. Making my meal my method. Most men make merry many multitudes mixing moneys. Me mi mo me mum.

A bit of fun. Really.

Officially Day 8 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge

I am to  hone in on my audience.

Who are you? My audience? Could you tell me? Will you?

I know who I am seeking, in many ways. I’ll keep it like that for now.



Day 17 of my double 30 day challenge

Blog 30 day: When I started writing my blogs despite lacking my official access to the challenge.

Self-Soothing 30 day: when I began soothing my way through negative emotions in order to receive more blessings.  Thanks go out to Abraham Hicks for suggesting this challenge.

How am I doing with it? Meh.

Self-soothe time:  Ok, remember, it’s all a work in progress, Matthew. It’s ok. It’s all being taken care of as is needed. The blog. The style. The writings. The images. The header. All these things are malleable. Only energy waiting to be transformed. You can change it any time. Again and again. The forms around you…

Seriously, if you see all around you as energy, how the world looks so different.

But to see your phone or computer screen energetically is not hard. They are just bytes and pixels after all.


Musing On

Touch down. Not the football kind. The earthen kind. Mental realm must touch down to Earthly realm. Heaven and Earth. The one between is you. Is me. Is anybody.

Between heaven and Earth. That’s where we lie.

Between heaven and Earth is where humankind plants their fields, builds their cities, creates their art and law, tinkers at creation.

Creation is all around you all the time. There is creation in everything you do and say and think and feel. There is creative energy flowing through you.

How do you harness that energy?

Where do you direct it?

It is your choice, you know. Where you put your energy, what you attend to. It is always your choice.

Do you choose to put your energy into something you do not like, you do not resonate with?

What good does that do you?

Would you rather focus your attention on the creations that mean something massive to you? The creations you are truly passionate about?

It is your choice.


Do you choose to go for great and risk the fall from that height? But possibly soar?

Or play it safe and keep taking small steps because they are easier to tackle when you get to them as you meander down your path?

If you keep taking small steps, your life will get to new small places.

Where are the big places?

They are where your energy is passionate. Go there.

I have heard it said:

Where attention goes, energy flows.


And by Socrates:

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”


What will you do with your energy?


Please comment below about how you focus your energy and what you plan to create next.

And remember to share this post with anyone who you feel my benefit from it.

Thank you.

Blessings to you all.


DAY 18




Day 17 of 30 Day Challenges

Word Art My 30 Day Blog Challenge and Self-Soothe Challenge over paper backgroundThe blog series in which I am completing my challenge from 30dayblogchallenge.com!

As well as a self-made challenge inspired by Abraham Hicks in which I self-soothe myself through negative emotion.

At the end of this 30 day journey I intend to be more fully on my life’s path, “all systems go.”

See post itself for updates.