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Having Fun

In a world in which anything is possible, what would you have happen?

I won’t tell you the answer to this because I don’t have it. Because the answer is yours…

What would you have happen if you could focus your attention upon something in your mind until you see it happen in reality?

What would you do with that power?

Do you even believe you have that power?

You do. You do have the power. You know you do because you use it all the time. You say you want the item at the store and you focus upon it until it is yours. You say you want the relationship or the job or the house and you get it.

As long as you focus upon the having of it rather than not having.

To continue to say you don’t have something will keep it from you. You must believe it is yours for it to be so. You must walk to the store, place the money on the counter and agree to buy the item before you take it home.

The same is true for the relationship, or the house, or the job, or whatever it is you let into your life. You go to the store, as it were, and choose the item you want out of the choices offered to you, and you make your best decision. The best lover, the best career, the best estate, the best car. At least, from those offered to you that you believe you can have.

Funny Honey

And so what if you do not believe you can have something?

Why do you make this claim?

What about you is not worthy or deserving of what you want? Why look at the clothing, the restaurant, the house that you cannot afford now, the dream career you haven’t started, the perfect mate you haven’t found, and believe it to be always out of your reach?

To believe it is always out of your reach will forever keep it there, out of your reach.

Funny how it sounds so easy to say, but it doesn’t amount to that in the day to day. Believe me, I am not master of this law of attraction stuff. Big shout out to Abraham Hicks for all the lessons in that. But I am still a student in a big way.

When you hear the idea enough and it starts to make more and more sense, then you see it in action and the more you do, the more it becomes not only easier to believe but impossible not to.

When you have an experience of a new thing, a newness, at first it excites and then it actualizes into your new version of reality. It forms your worldview anew. Sometimes no amount of words, written or spoken, will ever have the impact that new experience can have.

So it became impossible for me to deny that there wasn’t something huge about this law of attraction stuff. I just started seeing it all around me.

And I started to see the correlation of how I had been thinking about a certain subject and how it actually unfolded days, weeks, even months later. My expectations around things forged the type of results I would get.

It’s like intending to go to a four year college and knowing that precisely four years are used for school; then completing the degree and going out to begin the process again with the career search. You may expect the job fast and get it or believe it hard to find work and get that result. If that is your focus.

We do these types of things all the time. We set intentions, we plan timelines, we see results at the other end. And when our life unfolds that way, we are not surprised.

So why are we surprised when we are told that we can focus our thoughts on creating whatever future we want for ourselves? Why are some things held away from us by our own not believing we can have them?

We have separated ourselves from what we truly want in life by believing a myth that says we are unworthy of having all that we want.

Why be given the keys to the kingdom of heaven only to be locked out at the door by your own focus on not being worthy to pass through the gate?

Funny, honey, how this post was inspired before your calls by a couple simple words you said: “Funny, honey.”

That’s enough for now. More to come.


Thanks for reading.


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