Negativity Creates Toxicity, But Only You Control How You Deal With It

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Toxic Waste

The topic of toxicity has come up before.

Previously I have described toxic people as weeds in a garden. A gardener may well wish to rid the garden of the weeds because they take up space for more desired plants.

There are toxic plants, poisonous plants. There are living things that seep toxic energy, toxic residue into and around their environment. In fact these living things are designed that way. A poisonous plant is supposed to be poisonous.

So a toxic plant does not think ill of itself. It is the gardener, the farmer, the tender of the land who may see it as bad. That is because of the negative impact that the toxicity may have.

A response to the toxic plant may be to remove it. Or if rampant enough, remove yourself from the vicinity of it.

The same is true of any toxic waste. Whether it comes from a plant, your mom, a friend, a lover, your city, your country, whatever. Toxic waste, toxic residue, toxic energy spreads among its environment and damages it from the inside. Which is the purpose of the toxicity.

Do you give your own life away to any toxic energies?

Negative Crap

Cut the negative crap.

Seriously. Negative crap is so toxic.

To focus upon negativity only brings more negativity into your life. To worry and fear and feel ashamed, guilty and angry brings more of these negative experiences into your vision of reality. You attract what you put your attention to.

So stop attracting negative crap. When you become a negative crap magnet, you may turn yourself into a toxic thing. You gather so much negativity, negative thinking, negative talking that you build a world around you in negativity. And those who are near you and enable your toxicity will help co-create the negativity you are focused upon.

Negativity is toxicity. Negativity feeds toxicity, creates toxicity, builds toxicity from the ground up.

Stop thinking negative thoughts. Stop thinking the worst. Stop even thinking of the bad.

There is an antidote…

Cleanup Crew Needed

Cleanup on aisle “energy body.”

You are more than your physical body. Your energy body, your whole system, is your experience of reality.

As you eat your body retains properties of the food you ingest. Likewise, as you take on energy, your own energy system takes on elements of that energy that is coming to you.

You can choose to let this energy, this outside energy, affect your system or not.

When someone approaches you with negativity and you dive in and join them in the negativity pool, you may well take on more negative energy in your system. This is not meant to scare you. But it should be fair warning. The more negative energy you take on, the more you will be focusing on it. And the more you focus on it, the more you will find.


Like attracts like. Water seeks its level.

Do you want to be the water or the gold rising out of the water?


So how do you stop negativity? How do you clean it up? How do you rise above it in positive ways?

First, you may choose in any moment to stop the negative energy at the door. Do not go into relationship with it. Do not engage with it. Ignore it, block it, clear it.

And you may always call upon the light to cleanse your body and your energy system. You can sage, smudge, clear your auras, use crystals, sea salt, anything that helps you cleanse your energy system. Do this any time you find negative, toxic energy coming at you.


Be in your discernment as it comes and don’t let negativity in, don’t let it build.


But if you find yourself contending with negativity again, remember always to clear it. You shower your body after a day of gathering dirt. You may also clear your aura after any day of dealing with negative frequencies of energy that you come into contact with.

Instead, continue to rise and lift, think the positive thoughts. Think of joy and love and peace and ease and prosperity. Continue to put your focus towards those feelings, those energies and you will create your world in that way.

Rise above negativity, protect and clear your system, and create your world anew in the best ways you can focus upon.

That is all for now.


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