Setting Intentions For a Modern Blog Serial

Setting Intentions Title

Setting Intentions for my Blog


You are new or you have been here before.

Thanks for coming either way.


This is a safe space. That is because I feel safe when I am here. You may feel safe as well.

Today’s challenge is setting intentions for the blog I am creating. So here it goes. Let me have a hand at it.

My Intentions For This Blog

  1. To be the best blogger I can be
  2. To value readers’ opinions and needs
  3. To be in my knowing and strive for better

To be clear. There’s more.

I wish to include as many readers from as many backgrounds as possible.

There will be a weekly schedule that will allow you to tune in once a week, if that’s your jam, or every day if you prefer. Or even just once in a while.




  • Monday – Possibilities Playground

Word Art Possibilities Playground glowing yellow letters over rainbow background. Subtitle Monday Theme: New Ideas. Fun with words. Kid friendly.*This weekly serial will open the door for the week, so to speak

*Caters to new ideas and new learners

*Good for kids and fun lovers of all ages

  • Tuesday – Young Titan Zone

Word Art Young Titan Zone black text over red brick background. Subtitle Tuesday Theme: Expanding idealistic young minds.*A serial involving those who strive for adventure and growth

*Great for older kids into teens, adults ok too I am sure

*Hope to make into graphic novels some day (illustrator welcome)

  • Wednesday – Midweek Musings

*Who knows?Word Art Midweek Musings green text over blue-yellow background. Subtitle Wednesday Theme: May my guides reveal the way...

*They are musings after all

*Which suggests they will be mused when they are ready to muse

  • Thursday – Epic Adventures

Word Art Epic Adventures glowing orange text over cloudy mountain background illustration, subtext Thursday Theme: What follows is a fictional account*Um, see above. This is where you will find the truly epic adventures

*Not for the faint of heart

*Writings about vast worlds waiting to be explored

  • Friday – Wild Card Day

Word Art Wild Card Day handwritten font on illustration of cards*Anything goes, folks

*Could be any of the previous themes, or an entirely new topic

*May eventually include a poll for voting on the wild card theme

  • Saturday – Free Play Day

Word Art Free Play Day over casino chip and sky blue background*No seriously, I want a day off

*Just a day to do nothing

*Or maybe write… if I feel inspired

  • Sunday – Soul Connection

*It’s Sunday, after allWord Art Soul Connection black text over sun in blue sky photo. Subtitle Sunday Theme: Spirituality and transformation.

*This is not a religious serial

*But it is very spiritual

*It is about God stuff

*I hope it helps you truly

Thank you.


I believe that does it for my intentions for this blog. So far.

Going for good enough. And keeping on writing.

Blessings to you all.


DAY 14




Day 13 of 30 Day Blog and Self-Soothing Challenges

Word Art My 30 Day Blog Challenge and Self-Soothe Challenge over paper backgroundThe blog series in which I am completing my challenge from!

As well as a self-made challenge inspired by Abraham Hicks in which I self-soothe myself through negative emotion.

At the end of this 30 day journey I intend to be more fully on my life’s path, “all systems go.”

Thank you for reading. Blessings.